Day 803: Welcome Aunt Emily!

Madi & Jack were super happy to see Aunt Emily arrive after breakfast this morning. She will be spending the next three weeks  in St Louis to be along side Madi in her big adventure!

 While everyone was getting settled and organized for the day, Madi did some stretching.

It was then time to explore St Louis in the rain so everyone headed to the Magic House! It was recommended for Madi to frequent there while trying to get back on her feet after surgery, so we wanted her to check it out and feel comfortable so when taking her back for some PT she will hopefully be motivated. Everyone had a blast and Madi already wants to go back. 

For dinner everyone checked out Union Station and had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. 

Day 802: St Louis Fish

Madi and Jack spent their day shopping around town picking up things for the hotel and to get ready for next week. It poured rain all day so it was a good day to shop and get things done. Madi’s favourite part of shopping was going to the Disney outlet to pick up some new PJ’s and a special Rapunzel doll!

Mommy had a pre-op call with a nurse today to confirm details for Madi’s surgery. They have confirmed: surgery Tuesday May 2nd, 5:45am arrival and her surgery will be from 7:30am – 11:00am. Her assessment with Dr Park will be Monday 8:30am.

Madison assisted Papa with his work today and helped Nana with her medicine.

Madi has been so excited to swim since arriving in St Louis so her and Mommy went to the pool before dinner. Madi did lots of water running, stretches and kicking to try and loosen up a bit.

Day 801: Go Jays Go!

Madi and Jack were in great spirits this morning. They went down for breakfast first thing and then toured Nana & Papa around the hotel. After some quiet time it was off to Busch Stadium to watch the Blue Jays take on the Cardinals.

Madi proudly waved her sign around whenever she had the chance. At the start of the game she and Papa went to watch the bull pen warm up and say hi – so they gave her a ball!

Many people in the seats asked about Madison’s surgery and wished her well. Jack ate the most food he has ever had in one meal and Madi cheered on Bautista for most of the game. Everyone was very helpful and so welcoming, it was a great game!


Day 800: St Louis!

Madi and Jack did a great job in the car and arrived in St Louis bright and early this morning! They were very excited! We continue to feel so blessed to be here and be able to give Madison this opportunity. 

They ate breakfast at the hotel, wondered around, unpacked and went out shopping for some food. Nana & Papa also survived the drive and arrived today. Madi has already met three other families here for the same reason and everyone has been so wonderful at the hotel. 

Day 799: Madi’s Great Adventure!

Today started out as a regular day for Madi. She woke up, ate breakfast in her tower and then headed to school. She had a great time with her teachers and friends celebrating her last day. They made her feel special and loved with some good luck gifts and a beautiful book of paintings that her classmates made for her. Xo

After school Madison went to Conductive Education with Monika! They did lots of walking and Madi showed Mommy how well she is doing with her canes. Madi also got her end of session report card and it was full of positive highlights of progression! 

While Mommy and Daddy finished up packing, Madison played with her hospital. Wish we could have packed that too!

Thank you to everyone for all the gifts in the last few days, she is a very happy little girl – thank you Christine! The doctors kit was a big hit!

After a somewhat regular day, it turned very quickly into an exciting, life changing moment we will always remember. Today is day 1 of Madi’s big adventure towards a spasticity free life. Today is the start of Madi Moving Ahead! Thank you to everyone who has made this amazing opportunity possible for her! Keep following and cheering her on and we will continue updating on how well she is doing in St Louis!

Day 798: JK School Visit

  1. Madison visited her kindergarten school today to meet with her rep from CCAC along with her PT & OT that have been assigned to her for JK. They wanted to assess the walking distance from her classroom to the playground, gym and library to determine which classroom and washroom would work best for her. They also measured her for a classroom chair and frame for the toilet. They decided on which classroom would be hers and also put a work order in to pave a ramp to exit the classroom onto the playground for recess. Madison was thrilled the bathroom sink was her height! Her team are good problem solvers and asked good questions. 

After the school visit, Madi headed to Shannon’s for a massage. She opened lots of gifts and had a nice visit to help loosen her up before having to sit in the car tomorrow for many hours. Thanks Shannon! 

Madi & Jack had dinner at Nate’s house to visit and help Mommy out by not having to cook. They played, had a yummy meal and opened lots of presents of different things for the hotel or to keep busy at the hospital. We will miss you Nate!

Day 797: Nate the Great!

Madi & Jack spent their morning playing with Nate to have some cousin time before leaving for St Louis. Nana & Uncle Mark took them to the park for lots of outdoor fun while Mommy & Daddy packed!

Madi was thrilled to have her friend Taylor visit today to say good luck! Taylor will be having SDR with Dr Park in September! Taylor gave Madison some gifts to keep her happy in the hospital and the coolest pair of shoes for her new feet! Thank you Taylor for visiting and wishing Madi well!

A very special THANK YOU TO SPENCER BROTHERS who printed these shirts for MADISON ! Thanks ROBERT ,HUGH and TERRY you folks have been fantastic to us and very generous during MADISON’S JOURNEY !We will proudly wear our pink in St. Louis to support MADISON. WHY PINK ? Madison’s favorite colour !!!