Day 800: St Louis!

Madi and Jack did a great job in the car and arrived in St Louis bright and early this morning! They were very excited! We continue to feel so blessed to be here and be able to give Madison this opportunity. 

They ate breakfast at the hotel, wondered around, unpacked and went out shopping for some food. Nana & Papa also survived the drive and arrived today. Madi has already met three other families here for the same reason and everyone has been so wonderful at the hotel. 

One thought on “Day 800: St Louis!”

  1. I have been following Madison’s journey through some of your baseball friends and well Madi is such a beautiful vivacious little girl! I love how she is ALWAYS smiling and looks genuinely happy! Sending you and your lovely family all the prayers, and positive vibes throughout this life changing opportunity!!! You all got this!!


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