Day 1,150: The Mike Gregoire Memorial Golf Tournament

Wow! What a day we had! We were blown away with how many people attended the tourament today in memory of Mike and in support of Madison’s post op therapy programs. We had about 200 golfers and 230 for dinner! Madison and Jack loved visiting with everyone and being a part of the whole day!
More than three years ago Lisa, Pat, Jessica and other family members approached us about wanting to help Madison. They wanted to find a way to help her be able to access all the therapies she needed by including her as a recipient in this amazing tournament that celebrates Mike and the man he was.
We’re not sure if people realize, how that offer has been truly life changing for Madison. James and I wish we could give her everything she needs – from therapies to equipment to surgeries, but realistically a lot of those things have been out of reach for us – but from the golf tournament committees offer and all of our family and friends supporting the tournament year after year, we have been able to give Madison the moon and the stars. We have been able to give her a bright looking future of being mobile, being independent, being strong and happy.
Madison’s SDR surgery was 1.5 years ago. About 6 months after that, it was confirmed she would need another surgery as her muscle length in her legs was limiting her progression from her first surgery. She just returned about 7 weeks ago from her second surgery in St. Louis. She had a muscle lengthening procedure done on both calf muscles. Since then she has been back to doing therapy 6 days a week to regain her strength and skills.
Now that Madison is older, she wanted to be the one to say a big thank you and show everyone what she has been able to achieve thanks to all of your support.
For those who may not know, Madison’s weekly therapy costs are usually between $500-$700 a week. Every week she swims, goes to conductive education, has three physio sessions, goes to massage, horseback riding and gait training. Madison’s intense therapy program will run for most of this next year, so the funds being allocated to her from this years tournament will help with all her therapy costs so we can keep her working hard and progressing each and everyday.
Thank you to all of our volunteers today who were out on the course all day, setting up the silent auction and to Deer Creek for hosting us and providing excellent service.
Thank you to everyone who donated items for our silent auction or for door prizes! Today was an extremely successful tournament. Thank you!!


Day 1,148: New Boots!

Mommy was super excited for Madison’s special delivery today. Madison’s custom fall boots arrived that were hand made to fit over her AFO’s! They were made by a company called Shoes for AFO’s by Gracious May based out of the USA. As many of you know, finding shoes or boots that fit AFo’s Is very difficult so this is an amazing find and will give Madison a break from having to wear running shoes all the time.


After school, Madison and Nana headed to Grandview for some physio! Madison has been working on taking longer strides with her walking so they did some work on balance beams and ladders to force Madison to kick forward to make a big step.

Day 1,147: Little Fish!

Madi spent most of her day relaxing and playing with her new birthday toys before it was time to head to the Village.

She is loving being back in the pool and is doing so well!

After swimming Madi & Jack went for dinner at Nana & Papa’s and made pizzas!

The Mike Gregoire Memorial Golf Tournament is 1 week away! Hope to see everyone there!


Day 1,146: Happy Birthday Ben!

Madison had a busy, but funtastic day!

Her Saturday started with dance class. She is now in a combo class this year for 45 minutes trying out ballet, jazz and tap. She LOVED it!

She then headed up to Smile Therapy for a strength session that focused on skills for walking. Jack decided he needed to exercise too so he joined in and the two worked out together.


After a good workout, Madi & Jack headed to Bens 5th birthday party! They went swimming and then had some pizza and cake. It was a great party!


Day 1,145: Go Leafs Go!

Thank you Starlight for hosting Madison and a small group of other Starlight friends in a box at the Leafs game tonight! She had a blast dancing and watching the game and loved seeing the CN tower on her way home. Going to events where people volunteer to help out and offer lots of space to move around really makes a difference for Madison. She had an amazing time and the Leafs won!


Day 1,143: SPARKS!

Madison couldn’t wait for tonight… she had been asking for weeks. Tonight was her first Sparks meeting with Girl Guides.


She confidently walked into a gym full of 45 girls between the ages of 5-8, found her friend Scarlett and told me I could go. I was so proud of her for being independent, making friends and rocking it!


After an hour and 15 I picked her up and she didn’t want to leave, she was so sad it was over. Madi said her favourite part was colouring her take home bag and learning the Sparks song. She can’t wait for next week! We pick up her cookies this Saturday so get your orders in! Haha


Day 1,141: Madison is 5!

Five years ago we became parents.


I was getting ready for work when my water broke. I was 32 weeks pregnant, went to the hospital in denial thinking they would tell us a solution to stop labour, send me home and rest. We stayed.  18 hours later Madison was born. 4 pounds, 4 ounces – tiny and mighty. Madison stayed in the NICU for one month and then we got to bring her home!


Madison has brought more joy to our lives then we ever thought possible. She is beautiful and brilliant and knows how to make you laugh. She is a loving, kind big sister and is always wanting to be by her brothers side. We are so grateful for how determined she is to move every mountain in front of her.

She was thrilled to spend her birthday at school today. She heard her name over the morning announcements, got to pick a prize from the treasure box and had cupcakes with her class.

After school Madison went to Crockadoodle to make a birthday hand print tile. She then spent the evening playing with Jack, having a special birthday dinner, eating cake and opening presents!


Thank you for all the messages and well wishes