Day 69: Conductive Education Class #1!

This morning Madison had her first Conductive Education class at March of Dimes. The class consisted of herself, and 4 other children all with CP under the age of 3. It was lead by 2 Conductive Education Instructors from Hungary. It was such a successful class! Madison demonstrated 3 things I’ve never seen her do before all in the first class! It was such a high watching her excel and show such determination and perseverance – so I obviously cried a few times lol. The class was two hours and consisted of ground work (back and tummy time exercises) sitting, crawling, side stepping and walking exercises. They also had snack time, music, circle time and free play. She looked so proud of herself and played so nicely with the other kids. It was nice being with a small group of kids who were working on similar goals and chatting with mom’s who get it. We can’t wait for next week…we are sold and are signing up for Conductive Education boot camp in the summer which is everyday for two weeks.

Here are some pics from her first class:









After her class Madison spent her afternoon with Janine and Suzanne playing with new toys, walking to the park with Buddy and enjoying the weather while I went to work.

No swimming tonight because of her ear infection so we will be back at the pool next week.

Day 68: Mommy Daughter Day

Madi and I tapped out and spent the day under the covers trying to get healthy.  Most of our day was spent sleeping, but during an energy burst Madi decided to practice the skill of pulling herself up and standing by holding the side of the pack and play. I clearly have been sleep deprived because something as small as Madi pulling herself up and being able to sit on her knees independantly brought me to blubbering tears which James had to deal with in a phone call haha!  oh well…small wins.

I still haven’t figured out how to post videos so here at the pics and check out my Facebook for a video.






Day 67: More germs!

I’m feeling under the weather and Madison is too, but I was determined to keep up with the blog…so this will be brief.

I worked late tonight and when we got home we took Madison back to the doctors. She’s sick again! Ear and chest infection! Hopefully that’s not what I have too.


Some parents might not like children climbing on furniture and getting up to no good…but around our house I hope and pray for it everyday! That would mean Madi was taking risks to try and move herself to explore new things and in new body positions she hasn’t done before. It would mean that she was getting stronger and learning how to coordinate and control herself to do something new.

It’s all starting to happen and we are very excited!

Here is Madi trying to go inside the shelf after pulling everything off the shelf. She’s very strategic with her curiosity and destruction lol.




Day 66: Guest Post By Grampa Gregoire

Today’s post is by Grampa Gregoire

‎Today Madison came over to Nana and Grampa’s house to help transplant some geranium cuttings into pots. The geranium cuttings are from the world’s biggest geranium which is in Nana and Grampa’s living room. The geranium started out as a hanging basket plant from three years ago. It’s grown to monster proportions in that time and now Madison has helped today to transplant them to pots. Good job Madison

imageimage image image image image image image

Day 64: Art for Grandview!

Tonight Madison participated in a fundraiser for Grandview called “My First Art Show.” The fundraiser is to raise money for children who access services at Grandview Kids Centre in Durham. A father of a young girl with autism who uses Grandview like Madison organized the event and did a spectacular job. There are over 30 paintings up for auction created by Grandview Kids under the age of 12. The silent auction is open until Sunday afternoon and is located at the Pickering Town Centre near the East Side Mario ‘ s entrance. 100% of money raised will go to Grandview. There are raffle tickets with gift baskets available as well. If you are in the Pickering area this weekend you should check it out!







Day 63: Go Away Winter!

Packing for daycare every night is hard enough after a long day. But now that winter has decided to stick around I never know what to lay out/pack! Winter jacket or spring jacket…hat or no hat…rain jacket or boots or runners??

And with the cold sticking around, so are the germs…poor Madi is sick again…I swear she should win some kind of award for most times sick in her first year of daycare.


We have her humidifier and oils pumping so hopefully this one’s a quick one.

Day 62: Fishketball!

Tonight Madison’s swim instructor Ryan brought two of her loves together…swimming and basketball!

Madison had some more tears but as soon as Ryan played basketball with her she loved it!

Ryan is working on holding Madison by her waist so she is forced to use her upper body more, and when tilting her forwards or back in the water she will develop more balance and feel in the water. This will also help her to continue to develop her core strength.



Day 61: Madi’s oils have arrived!

Madison’s essential oils have arrived! We are so excited to start her new combinations and see how she responds to them.


We have had many questions about what combinations we are going to try and for what…so…here is our plan:

Constipation Issues -use roller on the stomach

  • 10-15 drops digestzen
  • Coconut oil

Muscle pain/spasms/tone -use roller up the spine

  • 10 drops Frankensence
  • 8 drops Myrrh
  • 10 drops white fur
  • 5 drops helichrysium
  • 2 drops peppermint
  • Coconut oil

stretching/massage – use roller on any muscle group 

  • 10 drops cedarwood
  • 5 drops Frankensence
  • Coconut oil

In her diffuser/humidifier at night:

  • Water
  • 5 drops balance
  • 5 drops serenity

An issue I didn’t factor into having a child with mobility issues is my own health aches and pains. My back is in rough shape! Madi keeps growing and I stay weak. I’ve realized I need to start being attentive to how I’m lifting her and what side of my body I’m carrying her on. ..always on the right side it seems which means my left shoulder and back are a mess…good thing I just got my deep blue essential oil rub…it’s amazing on stiff and sore muscles…James has been a saint and has been helping me deal with my muscle issues everyday. Next step…hit the gym for regular workouts to build upper body strength and core stability.