Day 1,056: Cruz On Ice

Madison and Jack had a blast at the Cruz on Ice Fundraiser tonight in support of their friend Cruz who is 6 weeks post op SDR surgery with Dr Park. The fundraiser was to support Cruz’s rehab Journey now that his surgery is complete. A big thank you to The Ultimate Leafs Fan, Mike Wilson and his wife Deb for stepping up to the plate again to help such a deserving little boy. Thank you to all friends and family who continue to support Madison and her amazing warrior friends.

Day 1,054: A Weekend of Celebrations!

Madison’s weekend of celebrations started at an award assembly at her school on Friday.

We are extremely proud of our little superstar!

Madison was chosen as an award recipient at her school celebrates assembly.

She was awarded with the “Effective Communicator” award which is given to students who demonstrate thoughtfulness and reflective thinking. Two students from each grade were chosen out of 750 students in her school! She was so happy and proud to receive the award.

Madison spent her Friday evening celebrating and supporting her friend Evelyn who is on her way to St Louis for SDR in a few weeks. Many CP Warriors gathered for a fun night in support of one another and had a blast!

Madison spent her Saturday celebrating her brother. Jack has spent hours and hours going to all of Madison’s appointments and activities and is such a caring brother supporting his sister. Now on Saturdays, Madison attends Jacks soccer to cheer him on in something he loves.

After soccer it was photo time! Jack went to see the amazing Megan at Sparks Photography to get some pics for his 2nd Birthday that’s coming up.

Uncle Mark also celebrated his birthday this weekend…Happy Birthday Uncle Mark!

Today the celebrations continued. Madison went to Glama Gal Tween Spa to celebrate her friend Norah’s 6th birthday. Nails…glitter…sugar…bath bombs…pink tutus…Taylor Swift….they were in heaven!

Madi and Jack had a great weekend visiting with Aunt Emily….lots of fun games and lots of cookies were baked! Thanks for always helping us stay above water Auntie Em!

Day 1,050: Swimming Sunday

Madi, Jack & Nate were at the pool bright and early for their swim lessons this morning. They are all doing so well and love being little fish!

After swimming, everyone went out for breakfast to celebrate Uncle Marks Birthday. We are a week early, but with everyone’s busy schedules- today was the day.

After breakfast it was off to the mall to shop for Papa’s new phone!

When Madi got home she had physio with Claire. They did good work and then Madi was ready for some dinner and then bed.

Day 1,049: PA Day Camp!

Madison was super excited to go to her first sports camp at Variety Village for her PA Day. She played games in the gym, swam for over an hour and watched a movie after lunch. She was completely exhausted from all the activity but loved it. A special thanks to Cathy for checking in on Madi throughout the day and sending Mommy lots of pics!

After camp, Madi went to see her orthotist Eric. He measured and casted her for some new braces since she is growing super fast. Madi is undecided on the design but she has some time to figure it out.