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Day 1,045:

Madi and Mommy ventured through the snow to Vaughan to work with Jo-Anne at Smile Therapy For Kids. Check out those splits!

Day 1,044: Back In The Pool!

Madi and Jack were super excited to be back in the pool this morning for their winter swim session with Ryan & Patricia. To add to the excitement, Nate joined them for his first swim lesson… the three musketeers in the water together…. Sundays are going to be fun!

Day 1,043: Soccer!

Madi and Jack were up bright and early for snuggles and iPad time with Aunt Emily who is visiting for the weekend. Madi was back at Smile Therapy this morning for some strength training while Jack was at his first Little Kickers soccer class. He loved it! On the way home, Jack went for a…

Day 1,042: Madi Loves Conductive Ed!

Madison was back at March of Dimes today for the start of her winter session of conductive education. She will continue to go every Thursday for 3 hours until March Break. She loves going and was super excited this morning. Monika reported that Madison was so happy, worked really hard and did some awesome independent…

Day 1,041: Back With Stephanie!

Madison and Nana had a great afternoon together going to physio with Stephanie! Madison hadn’t worked with Stephanie since before the break so they were happy to get back to work together. Mommy was thrilled to see the videos- Madison has never walked on squishy blue mats before because of the lack of support and…