Day 799: Madi’s Great Adventure!

Today started out as a regular day for Madi. She woke up, ate breakfast in her tower and then headed to school. She had a great time with her teachers and friends celebrating her last day. They made her feel special and loved with some good luck gifts and a beautiful book of paintings that her classmates made for her. Xo

After school Madison went to Conductive Education with Monika! They did lots of walking and Madi showed Mommy how well she is doing with her canes. Madi also got her end of session report card and it was full of positive highlights of progression! 

While Mommy and Daddy finished up packing, Madison played with her hospital. Wish we could have packed that too!

Thank you to everyone for all the gifts in the last few days, she is a very happy little girl – thank you Christine! The doctors kit was a big hit!

After a somewhat regular day, it turned very quickly into an exciting, life changing moment we will always remember. Today is day 1 of Madi’s big adventure towards a spasticity free life. Today is the start of Madi Moving Ahead! Thank you to everyone who has made this amazing opportunity possible for her! Keep following and cheering her on and we will continue updating on how well she is doing in St Louis!

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