Day 615: Happy Halloween!

Madison had lots of fun with her friends at school this morning. They all dressed up in costume and sang Halloween songs at the end of the morning. 

After school Madison went for a ride with Sassy. Her instructor was thrilled that she is starting to correct her posture and re-position herself on the saddle when needed without cueing. She loved seeing her volunteers dress up as a chicken, cow and her instructor was a farmer. 

Madison was due for her 6 month cleaning at the dentist so she went this afternoon since there were so many cancellations for Halloween. She did awesome! She let them do an examination, cleaning and fluoride treatment all while watching the movie Frozen on the ceiling- best dentist ever!

After the dentist it was trick or treating time! Madi, Jack and Nate had some pizza and got ready together and then off they went in their astronaut suits to collect candy. Jack made it to 5 houses and then him and Nana headed home to hand out candy. Madison and Nate went to a bunch of houses together- so much fun! After Nate went home, Madi wanted to explore one more street. She walked all the way there, went to 8 houses and then walked all the way back in her walker all by herself! Mommy was most impressed by how well Madi managed the houses with steps. She figured out how to lift her walker up a step and then follow with her feet. Candy is the best motivation!





Day 614: Halloween Fun!

Madison was thrilled to go to her buddy Bens house for some Halloween fun this afternoon. Her friend Cruz was there too and Jack also went along for the fun. They decorated cookies, played a skeleton game, had lots of treats and rolled around and played together. Madison loved playing with Bens play dough ice cream maker and checking out all his Halloween books. It’s always so special seeing the kids play together and to know that they have one another as they grow, to figure out who they are together and what makes them unique and special. 

Day 613: Hidden Physio

Madi and Tiffany had a great time at VV this morning for her sports class. All of the activities the instructors chose were aligned with goals Madi is working on in physio! They were all fun games and activities so she had no idea how much she worked within the hour class… It was perfect! Their warm up consisted of crawling, rolling and moving like different animals, they crawled and walked over a line of bosu balls and rolled and jumped on the air mattress. Madi did a great job! Thanks Tiffany!

Madi and Jack spent their afternoon cleaning up all the yard toys and putting everything away for the winter. They also decorated the house for Halloween!

Day 612: Family Friday

Madison was lucky to spend her afternoon and evening with both sets of Grandparents.

She had a fun afternoon of Halloween activities with Grandma and Grandpa Ambos. They carved pumpkins, decorated cookies and cupcakes and played. 

She had a fun evening with Nana and Papa reading Halloween books, playing and practicing her walking. She also loved using Papa’s phone to take pictures of Jack!

Madison and Jack had a great day. Thanks everyone for all your help! 

Day 611: New Responsibilities 

Madison had a great morning with her teacher Calene. During gym class they climbed and crawled through different obstacles and had lots of fun!

After school, Madison and Jack had a low key afternoon at the house. While Jack was sleeping, Mommy showed Madison her new responsibilities chart. Mommy is trying to encourage Madison to be more independent with some daily tasks and for her to start initiating some tasks on her own without being asked. Her daily responsibilities are: having a bath, brushing her teeth, cleaning up her toys, sharing with her brother, saying please and thank you, stretching her feet & legs and doing one PT activity of Mommy’s choice. Her reward on the weekend is to pick a family activity of her choice and she is also building points towards a new book.

Madi and Jack had a great time at Pam & Medfords while Mommy was coaching. They played with the squishy balls and Madison loved all of Pams Halloween and Fall decorations. Madison also sang a Halloween song to Pam and she called it her Jack’s song about a Jack O Lantern. She told Pam she learnt it at school and every time she finished singing to Pam she laughed hysterically.

Daddy was on his own for bedtime which resulted in truck rides racing around the house


Day 610: One Proud Mama

Madi had one of those days that made Mommy’s heart sing! 

She was an all star reader at school during story time…

She was a card shark with SUZANNE and Janine…

She was an author with Nana…

She did amazing work at March of Dimes…

But Mommy was over the moon proud with her swimming with Ryan tonight. He did an excellent job of challenging her comfort level and had her wear a life jacket to practice floating and kicking on her back. He let go of her and she floated and tried kicking all by herself for the first time! They also did lots of bobs together, blew bubbles and practiced walking in the hot pool. Mommy was thrilled seeing Madi do so well!

Jack loved his first Halloween party today!

Day 609: Tuesday Trooper

Madi was a trooper today. She participated in lots of great activities that were excellent for her body, but it was a very long and tiring day. A highlight at school that her teachers noted was how active and independent she was in gym class. She climbed on and off equipment she had never done before and walked around pushing the shopping cart. 

After school, both Madi and Jack had physio at Grandview. She worked on strengthening her quad muscles by doing leg lifts to touch objects with her toes and wall squats by picking objects up from the floor. 

Madison loved dancing and moving like different animals at ballet class tonight. Her favourite were hopping like a bunny and walking like a duck. She ran fast in her walker and did a great job weaving in and out of her classmates with her walker. 

After ballet, Madison and Jack both had massage with Shannon. Jack still has his cold, so Shannon was able to get a good release on his back to help drain some fluid from how conjested he has been. Madison got some new tape with a focus on supporting the arch in her foot. She did a great job pushing through some discomfort in her feet and calves, got in her Jammie’s and headed home to bed. Thanks Shannon!

Day 608: Sassy Fun!

Madison had a great ride with Sassy today. She reached in different directions for basketballs to shoot in a basket, practiced using her loud voice to tell Sassy to stop and go and had to sit tall with hands on her head, reaching to the side and reaching forward while Sassy went around the ring. Jack drank his bottle and watched.

Madi and Jack had a great night with Nana & Papa!

Day 606: Shopping Girl!

Madison had a great Children in Motion class at Variety Village this morning. Tiffany and Madi had lots of fun playing different cooperative games. Madison’s favourite game was ‘Octopus’. She was thrilled when she tagged someone in the game to get them out. 

Madison and Jack then headed to see Shannon for their massage. Shannon tried taping Madison’s foot to support her arch and try and restrict pronation. Madison loves her new tigger tape!


Madison is going through a big growth spurt. Clothes that fit her a few weeks ago no longer fit, especially her pants. So Mommy & Madi went shopping this afternoon for some new school clothes. She loved walking all over the store in her walker and picked out her own outfits off the racks.