Day 687: Bring On 2017!

Madison spent her last day of 2016 with her Daddy, Papa and Grampa at the Leafs vs Detroit alumni hockey game. She cheered loudly for the Leafs and enjoyed the whole game. Thank you Starlight Foundation!

​​​Jack, Mommy and Nana spent the day swimming at Variety Village and going for lunch. Jack LOVES the water and had a blast splashing, floating and dunking!

Once everyone was home, it was Madi’s choice of where to go for dinner… She of course picked ‘Pig Out’ and both Madi and Jack took over the restaurant with their silliness and love for all the BBQ!

2016 brought our family so many special moments and so much to be grateful for. 2016 gave us Jack- the most prescious, easy going and fun loving baby boy who will be one in a few short weeks. 2016 also brought Madi growth, strength, independence and oppertunity, but we are so pumped and ready for what 2017 will bring our way. 2017 will be a big year for Madison- it will be one of the most challenging years to date, but we are ready!!

 We want to thank everyone for your continued support and helping us make our dreams for Madi become reality! Tonight was an emotional bedtime. Mommy whispered into Madi’s ear- “happy new year Madi Mouse- 2017 is going to be your year! No more pain or needles- 2017 will bring you the freedom to do more and be happy” Bring on 2017! Happy New Year!

Day 686: Party At Grandma’s!

Madi and Jack had a great visit with their buddy Ruby this morning. Thanks Ruby and Sara for the super cool gifts!

Madi and Jack’s Great Grandma invited them and her other Great Grandchildren Molly and Nate for a visit and play this afternoon. The kids visited with Pebbles the bird, played and jumped around on Grandma’s bed, had some snacks and ran around the halls. We had many comments on the quality and improvement with Madi’s walking… It’s safe to say her Botox is now in full effect and working well for her. Grandma had her eyes open several times for the kids and seemed to really enjoy them being there. The kids had lots of fun too! 

Day 685: Play Date With Emily!

Madison was super excited that Emily is home from school and came for a visit today. Emily has had a great time at school working hard to learn about the world of physiotherapy. Madison is a creature of habit and handed Emily her blue scooter board they used many many times to practice her walking with, which was pretty cute. They played with her new princess Emily gave her, built with blocks, did different spelling activities and had a great visit! 

Tickets are still available for Madison’s fundraising night with ‘The Ultimate Leafs Fan.’Your ticket gets you access to exploring/viewing the worlds largest Leafs collection, dinner, open bar & supporting Madison in her journey towards SDR surgery. 100% of funds raised in the evening goes towards Madison’s surgery in May. Message us for more information to get your tickets. Thanks in advance for your support and please share with all the hockey fans in your life!

Day 684: Christmas Clear Out

Madi and Jack were spoiled this Christmas with lots of beautiful, fun, creative gifts. Tonight after dinner Madison decided she wanted to give some of her toys to other kids. Mommy and Madison cleared out some of her older toys and baby toys that Jack has now outgrown and boxed them up. She will be giving them to the Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy to help them raise money for programs that support people with CP in the community. 

While Mommy and Madi were sorting and organizing, Jack helped Daddy build his new walker.

And then Madi hijacked it haha

Day 683: A Night With Disney!

Madi and Jack had a great visit this morning with Pam and Medford. Madison told them all about her Christmas and visit from Santa and then opened some presents and played around the house. Madi loved her fridge magnet number game and Jack loved his puppy pull along alphabet toy. They also received a fun game of snap from Nicole and Jamie with their names on it! Madison was thrilled! Thanks everyone!

Madi had a tough time napping and having quiet time this afternoon…she was so excited to go to a special show and see her buddy Ben. Madison and Ben went to see Disney on Ice thanks to the Starlight Foundation! Ben said his favourite was seeing Mickey and all the snow during the Frozen routine and Madison’s favourite was seeing Belle and Olaf. They had so much fun at dinner afterwards being silly and singing songs. It was a super fun night with super fun friends!

Day 682: Christmas Round 3!

Madi and Jack had Christmas round 3 today! They visited at Debbie and Garry’s Boxing Day open house with family, friends and neighbours. Madi spent most of the party hanging out on the stairs colouring with another little girl from the neighbourhood and Jack wondered around trying to eat everything in sight. Madi received many generous donations today from long time friends/family from the neighbourhood that we are very grateful for the support towards her upcoming surgery. 

Madi and Jack then headed back to Nana & Papa’s house to visit and have Jacks Christmas. Jack slept through most of his visit yesterday and wasn’t able to open his presents or spend time with everyone so it was a nice way to wrap up Christmas festivities. Jack started standing for several minutes all by himself today and tried taking a few steps by the Christmas tree. He did his best attempts when Madison was encouraging him to walk to her- such a sweet moment! Madi is such a great big sister!

Day 671: Merry Christmas Day!

Madison and Jack were excited to go downstairs this morning to see if Santa had visited their house. Madison had still been unsure of Santa so she said to Mommy “go downstairs and check if Santa is still at our house because I don’t want to see him- but don’t open any of my presents”hahaha. Once the coast was clear they headed down.

Madison was so happy to see that Santa had brought her pink presents and that he remembered to bring something for Jack too. They opened their stockings, had a yummy breakfast and then went nuts openin everything under the tree. Madison thanked Santa for each and every gift and helped Jack open his. Jacks gifts revolved around the theme of balls and cars and Madison’s gifts were in line with her different therapy needs, or “hidden therapy” as we usually call it. She also opened lots of gifts for travel and good for hotel living when we go to St Louis. Madison also loved her red St Louis baseball hat that everyone got for the big trip!

After playing with some new toys and packing up, it was time to head over to Nana and Papa’s house! Jack was exhausted and possibly still battling his cold so he had a long sleep. Madison and Nathan got into the presents right away they were so excited that Santa had visited. They took turns helping each other open their gifts and hand out gifts to others. Madison did a great job trying to walk and crawl around the room to help everyone open. Nate and Madi played with Nana’s toys in between opening presents and eating lots of yummy snacks. It was a wonderful Christmas at Nana and Papa’s.

It was then time to head to the Gregoire Family Christmas. Madison and Jack played with Nate and Molly running all over the place, visiting with family and taking turns racing in Madison’s walker. They were all spoiled with beautiful gifts and had a great time playing. They also helped pick gifts in the gift swap game. It was a fun night and a great first Christmas for Jack!

Day 670: Merry Christmas Eve!

Madison and Jack had a nice, quiet morning at home. They helped Mommy and Daddy get some gifts ready, played in the basement and watched some Christmas movies. 

It was then time to go to Grandma and Grandpa Ambos’ house for Christmas Eve. Madison was a good helper handing out gifts to everyone and loved spending time with Aunt Emily. Jack ate his first few pieces of Estonian Kringle and was a busy bee all over the house. Madison said she loved her nurse Barbie Aunt Emily got for her And she also loved playing with Grandma’s slinky. 

Before bed, Madison did a great job getting ready for Santa. She poured his milk, layed out his cookies and read ‘The Night Before Christmas’ and ‘The First Christmas’. She is a bit unsure about Santa being in her house tonight, but she is excited for tomorrow and went straight to bed. 

Day 669: Raffle Success!

Madison had her last morning of school today. She was super excited to make a gingerbread house and sing Christmas songs with Mommy and Jack who joined in at the end of class. Before it was time to say goodbye to her teachers for the holidays, Madison had a visit from Santa…she was not too happy about it. There were some tears and fears but at the end of his time in the class she waved goodbye and thanked him for his gift. She loved singing jingle bells! 

Madison had a great start to her school year and will miss her friends and teachers over the break, but is happy to have some time to relax.

Madison went to Papas store this afternoon to help with the hockey ticket raffle. Thank you to everyone who participated! $900 was raised to go towards Madison’s surgery! Madison did a great job helping Papa hand out Chritmas cards and picking each and every ticket out for all the games and winners. 

Once they got home, Madi and Jack went for a visit to Pam and Medfords house while Mommy finished all her wrapping. They played, had dinner and a nice visit. The kids have been exhausted this week and still rebounding from their colds so it was early to bed after a busy day. 

Day 668: Searching for Santa!

Madison had a great afternoon with her Aunts Janine and Suzanne! They went to a special street on their way home from school that had Santa blow ups on the lawn of every single house! Madison counted 57 Santas!

On her way to visit Great Grandma Gregoire, Madison made a stop to watch a Christmas train and have some ice cream! Look at those flat feet!

Madison always loves visiting Providence. She visits with Grandma and likes to explore. Today she did a great job trying to push the stroller while walking! Thanks for a great afternoon!

Jack and Mommy had a great day going from appointments to shopping to the doctors. Jack had his second flu shot today and now weighs 25 pounds! He has also figured out how to get out of the stroller so it’s time to strap him in!

Madison’s hockey ticket draw is tomorrow! Get your orders in by emailing Thank you to everyone who has shared about the raffle and has purchased tickets.