Day 645: Christmas Countdown!

Madison had a great afternoon with SUZANNE and Janine. On their way to March of Dimes they drove around the neighbourhood to look at all the decorated houses and Madison counted 20 Santas!

Madison did a super job at conducive Ed today. She worked with letters, words and numbers and did some great crossed leg and side sitting!

Madison and Jack love to give back to all the places that have done so much for them. One of the ways they have most recently given back was to Grandview and being a part of their Impact Report for 2016. It was released to all their donors and the public today and Madison and Jack attended their celebration at Grandview’s main site to see all the photos and booklets revealed. 

The kids got a special framed photo as a thank you.

Madison is super pumped that tomorrow is December 1st! Mostly because she has a beautiful advent calendar that Pam made her. She has a stocking for each day with a special treat inside. Thank you Pam!

Day 644: Giving Tuesday

Mommy wants to thank Madison and Jack for what they gave today. In the craziness that goes on in Mommy’s head, many many things were booked all in one day- and both Madi and Jack went along for the ride and were amazing little people!

Jack and Mommy dropped Madi at school bright and early and then headed to the local church for baby drop in play. It was then time to pick up some birthday gifts for a couple of special little boys upcoming birthday parties! Jack was a huge help picking out fun things!

It was then time to head to Grandview for a joint physio session. Madi helped Jack get through his stretches & screaming while Jack helped Madi test all her toys to make sure they tasted good. Madi did multiple exercises today to strengthen her “walking” muscles and everyone noticed a significant improvement in her control and mobility with the exercises compared to a few weeks ago. Her next (and hopefully last) Botox session was booked, pre-surgery physio sessions booked, re-assessment for Jack booked and catalogue information looked through to start ordering some equipment for the house. Madison’s new Walker was also confirmed to be delivered late next week! It will be sad to say goodbye to her little silver walker that helped to get her mobile and independent but her new one will serve her much better for her next stage of walking. 

Madi and Jack then helped Mommy drop off forms at their paediatricians. He is helping to sign Madi’s out of country OHIP forms to try for approval of some of the surgery cost. Once he completes the forms, everything will be sent to OHIP- fingers crossed!

After a quick play at home it was time for ballet! Madison let go of her walker several times to try lifting her arms in the air and turn. She was so proud of herself!  Jack watched with all the other brothers at the door. 

The last stop of the day was with Shannon for a massage. Jack was a bit fussy but got a good release. Madison did a great job breathing through the tenderness and had her IT bands taped for hip support. Both kiddos passed out on the way home and went straight to bed!


Fundraising Canpaign Update:

Thank you to everyone for sharing Madison’s story, making a donation or helping to spread the word! Today we passed the $30,000 mark! Thank you for helping Madison get closer to her dream of walking!
If you are interested in handing out a postcard to co-workers, friends etc. to share Madison’s Campaign please let us know and we will give you a stack.

Day 643: Small Wins!

Madison had a great ride with Sassy today! She did lots of stretching and reaching, big breaths for a big commanding voice and her trotting pace increased today which meant needing to use more trunk control. She used a very loud voice to tell Sassy to walk without being promoted which was a great accomplishment. Madi was fabulous!

As soon as Madi and Jack got home, they were eager to finish the outdoor decorations for Christmas, which sparked the bedtime matching Santa pj’s and Christmas books. 

Jacks first Christmas picture with Santa!

Day 641: What Saturday’s are made for …

After a long day yesterday, Madi finally slept in, not on a weekday! … Jack didn’t though he was up regular time. Once we were all up we had breakfast and made our way over to do a grocery shop. Madi was a big help, holding the list and “reading” out things we needed. More like what she wanted. We spent the rest of the day taking it easy on the couch before dinner with Nana and papa at madi’s favourite local eatery. Where madi and Jack serenaded the restaurant with their antics.

Day 639: Oh so Madi

After a gross commute and Madi tripping on the ramp at school, Daddy thought for sure it was “going to be one of those days”. But after reading her school book it was noted that madison was full of giggles and made everyone smile at school today. Her spirit remained high even after a trip to the doctor to get her flu shot. She and Jack played and made faces. Mommy and daddy spirits were also high after receiving some positive progress in regards to some potential SDR funding options from the government. Madison finished her day off by showing pam and Medford her ballet moves. The pictures and video are priceless! Mommy will have to post them later.

Day 638: Billboard Madi!

Madison had a great afternoon with Janine, Suzanne and all her friends at March of Dimes. She did excellent walking with her canes and loved playing with some frogies! 

Jack had his own fun this morning at his final Mother Goose class of the session. 

Keep your eyes out for Madi! She is being spotted all over the city…on billboards! Her Christmas fund campaign for Variety Village continues and is doing really well. 

Jack and Madi were good helpers at the grocery store tonight. Mommy is going out of town for coaching for a few days, so Madison said she would help Daddy out and be a good big sister. 

Day 637: A Time Out

Madi and Jack enjoyed a time out from their regular appointments, school, routines etc. and went with Mommy & Daddy to the aquarium for the day. Starlight Children’s Foundation gave Madison passes and a family photo so she could enjoy a day with her family- and did she ever! Her and Jack LOVED watching all the fish and exploring. Madison’s favourite thing was the jellyfish and Jacks favourite thing was crawling through all the tunnels. Madison walked in her walker the whole time! Thank you Starlight! 

Day 636: Mermaid Friends

Madi had a great ride with Sassy today. She had a super loud voice to direct Sassy and did lots of posture work using the mirrors. The farm was beautiful with all the fresh new snow. 

Madi swam with a new mermaid friend tonight. Her and Ryan swam with Janet from Swim Canada. Janet was in town from Victoira and stopped by Variety Village to work with all the para swimmers and grassroots kids, including Madison. Janet was able to give Ryan next steps of things to work on, like keeping her arms in extension instead of flexion and having different options for floats and walking. It was an excellent opportunity for Madison and Ryan to work with such an experienced and knowledgable coach who was paramount in the creation of the sport class system for swimming and understands how “the cp body” works in water.