Day 774: Making Every Moment Count

Madison has rebounded and is back to herself. Thanks everyone for all the kind messages!

Stephanie and Madison had an excellent session together today. They used every free minute to work on something specifically aligned with Madison’s goals. They practiced peddling on her bike on different inclines and flat surfaces and did lots of walking/transitions etc. in the kids gym and the snoozelin room. So much good work done in the hour- awesome to see!

​There’s nothing better than making cupcakes with Nana after a day full of hard work.

Day 773: A Day at Sick Kids

Just when Mommy thought Madi had a free day to relax…no therapies…no appointments….. That changed very quick… Never a dull moment. Mommy picked up Madi from school and knew something was off. Madi’s teachers reported she was weepy most of the morning and wasn’t herself and complained of a sore tummy. On the way home from school Madi screamed and cried. Madi went to Nana’s to relax on the couch, but the pain and crying got worse. Mommy had never felt the kind of spasms and tone that were happening before with Madi’s little body. It was very intense. Madi headed down to Sick Kids with Mommy and Nana to get things checked out. After 6 hours, urine test in a cup (never thought that would be successful) and blood work she was feeling much better and nothing serious to report from the doctor. We are suspecting the passing of a kidney stone but she is now much more herself and snug in bed. Madi was so brave and such a trooper. Mommy and Nana were very proud of her. Thanks for all the help Nana!

Day 772: Baby Steps

Today at Physio, Madi and Stephanie worked on baby steps. When Madison tries to walk independently and takes slow, baby steps – she is usually successful and doesn’t fall. Today she took baby steps on the treadmill, walking to and from the stairs and in the field house. She tried taking big dinosaur steps to practice going up and down the stairs. 


A big thank you to Malcolm and Scarborough Mixed Slo Pitch for their very generous donation towards Madison’s surgery!

Day 771: Biker Girl!

A big THANK YOU to Sue Miller & The Rotary Club, Whitby Sunrise for helping to cover the cost of Madison’s new adapted bike! 

Madison had the bike delivered today during her Physio session at Grandview. She loves it! This bike will not only help her continue to build leg strength and endurance, it will also give her more independence and a feeling of adventure outside this spring and summer. The bike was designed and built in Quebec by a company called Trivel.

Thank goodness we have a van! Good packing job Daddy!

Day 770: Goodbye Carter

We are sad to share that our family dog Carter passed away suddenly last night. Madison was sad to not see him today and says she will really miss him. He was her best friend. Thank you to Nate for the beautiful book he brought his cousin. It was a perfect way to end the day at bedtime. He also gave her a small stuffy dog that she has named Carter and has it clipped to her bed rail so she can see him everyday. 

Madi and Jack had an appointment with Eric today for some adjustments. Madi has almost grown out of her AFO’s, so Eric tried one last adjustment to try and get her through until St Louis. 

Daddy had the day off to be together as a family, so he was able to meet Madi’s new horse Jorge!

After riding, Madi picked up a bike helmet for the delivery of her new bike tomorrow!

As a family we went out for dinner to talk about Carter and have some comfort food therapy. Madi and Jack made a visit to the candy store after dinner to continue with some retail therapy. Thank you for everyone’s messages, kind words and support.

Day 768: So Many Blessings!

Madison had a blast hanging out with Nate this morning. They took turns experimenting with the potty, playing with the vacuum and having lots of snacks. 

While Madi was with Nate, her Uncle Mark gave her an amazing gift from himself and Aunt Nadia. They gave Madison a cheque from the Madi’s Paddy Day Party…$14,225! Thank you to everyone who attended or supported the event! It was a huge success and a wonderful evening. Mark and Nadia – THANK YOU!!!

Madi is on her way to St Louis…30 days we will be in our van crossing the border!!

More blessing came our way today for other members of the CP & SDR community. Madison had the honor of representing her friends by going to one of the homes of the Romano family to accept the donations made by the family to distribute to her many friends they are supporting… 17 families!! Thank you again to the Romano family for their very generous donation to so many kids in need. 

Before heading home, Madison was in the area of Bens house so she stopped by for a play and for dinner. She always has the best time with her buddy Ben!

Day 766: Water Babies

Madison had a nice visit with Great Grandma Gregoire this afternoon. She loved holding her hand and trying to take pictures of her. 

Madison did a great job with Ryan in the pool. She has become much more confident and comfortable in the water with her walking which was awesome to see! 

They also did lots of bobs and had the whole pool to themselves. 

When Madison got home she wanted to have a bath to show Jack her kicking. They ended up splashing and being silly with their toys instead. They LOVE being in the water together.

Day 765: Thank You Blue Jays!

Madison did an awesome job at Physio today with Stephanie. They did a huge core set on the ball. Lots of ideas for core work at home- thanks Stephanie!

It’s always a party at Nana & Papa’s! Madison’s activity of choice this evening was vacuuming!

Madison arrived home to see a large box sitting on the porch with her name on it. Through all of the media blitz to help raise awareness for herself and her friends in need of support for SDR surgery… her fans at the Blue Jays took notice, cheered her on and decided to send her a special care package to say good luck in St Louis. Thanks Jays!