Day 802: St Louis Fish

Madi and Jack spent their day shopping around town picking up things for the hotel and to get ready for next week. It poured rain all day so it was a good day to shop and get things done. Madi’s favourite part of shopping was going to the Disney outlet to pick up some new PJ’s and a special Rapunzel doll!

Mommy had a pre-op call with a nurse today to confirm details for Madi’s surgery. They have confirmed: surgery Tuesday May 2nd, 5:45am arrival and her surgery will be from 7:30am – 11:00am. Her assessment with Dr Park will be Monday 8:30am.

Madison assisted Papa with his work today and helped Nana with her medicine.

Madi has been so excited to swim since arriving in St Louis so her and Mommy went to the pool before dinner. Madi did lots of water running, stretches and kicking to try and loosen up a bit.

One thought on “Day 802: St Louis Fish”

  1. Won’t be long! All the very best with Monday’s appt. and Tuesday’s surgery. We’re all routing for you!


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