Day 1,079: Easter Weekend Day 1 & 2

We are certainly happy that this Week is behind us…the flu made its way around the house and we are all finally feeling better…just in time for the Easter bunny!

Madi & Jack spent their first day of the weekend getting the house ready for Easter….baking cookies and egg making!


Today they went with their cousins Evelyn and Nathan to the Pickering Easter Parade. They all loved the marching bands.



After the parade, everyone went down to the hospital to visit with Papa who had a few more tests today and is eager to get home soon.


On the way home from the hospital, Madi & Jack stopped by the Humaine Society to visit with their newest dogs. No luck this time. The search for the next family dog continues.


Day 1,078: The Struggle Is Real

Madi was back to school today which she LOVED…she loved seeing her friends and looking for ants and rocks at recess…but today also meant getting back down to business….strength building and walking….which she wants nothing to do with….the meltdowns and protests continue….most of the work done tonight occurred after multiple time outs and re-directing….Daddy & Mommy are seriously cracking down- no more crawling allowed…please think good thoughts for this warrior family…the struggle is real.




Day 1,077: Back to Reality

The last two weeks of our March Break have been magical…lots of rest, relaxing, limited schedules, limited therapy, limited driving…and lots of family time! Jamaica was an amazing time and opportunity to reconnect and have some fun! It helped give us time to reflect on the past 10 months since Madison’s surgery and refocus on what’s important and helped us to set priorities for the next 5 months. Thank you for everyone’s continued support…. a busy time coming…Walk This Way Intensive starting in 3 weeks, 1 year post op visit to St Louis in 8 weeks….Intensive in Boston in 14 weeks and then summer camp!


March Break ended today with a fun b-day party celebrating one of Madi’s CP Warrior friends on National CP Awareness Day!


Back to reality….haircuts and School tomorrow



DAY 1,076: And That’s A Wrap!

Today Madison finished her last day of Conductive Ed camp at March of Dimes. She had the best week and didn’t want to leave! The biggest difference we noticed at home from her consistent skill work all week has been less ‘w’ sitting at home. She also did lots of great work on her walking!


Madi & Jack are all packed for their big trip south and are excited to swim and dig in the sand everyday. We feel so blessed that this opportunity worked out for them to be just kids for a week and enjoy some quality family fun with NO THERAPY!


Day 1,075: The Cast Is Off!

Madison has really been enjoying her time at camp this week- she is doing lots of great walking and stretching and loves all the monster activities!


While Madi was at camp, Jack went to his first dentist appointment and did amazing! Inspection, cleaning, X-rays and fluoride treatment!


After camp, Madi & Jack went for a play at Rainbow World with Tiffany and Ben! They climbed, went down slides, got some good exercise and had a blast! Thank you Tiffany and Ben for the great afternoon!



Before the end of a busy day, Madi went to see Kate at Grandview to get measured and have a brief physio session. The casting was a big success – Madison is now measuring +16 with both legs! She will continue wearing her night braces to try and keep the range that she has gained as long as possible.


Day 1,072: The Value of a Dollar

Madi was very brave today. For the 3rd time in 10 months she was casted to stretch out her leg muscles. Her left leg was the only one casted because her range of movement is 7 degrees less then her right leg. She was able to achieve similar degrees the last time we casted, so we are hoping for similar results. She was thrilled to see the pink camo as an option.


After her casting, Madi went for a visit to the bank. She had never walked around a bank before and had lots of questions. It was explained to her that all the money that people had given her to learn how to walk was kept at the bank. We were there to wire transfer money for the course Madison has coming up with Mike Poole. The teller explained to Madison that her job was to send the donated money to Mike so that he will work with her on her walking when he visits Toronto. She was confused how everyone knew about her bank  but understood that their help would allow her to keep practicing her walking. She then asked the teller how much money it costs to do her walking so Mommy laughed and said – “I’ll tell you when your older” – the go to line to say when you don’t really want to answer the question lol.