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DAY 1,076: And That’s A Wrap!

Today Madison finished her last day of Conductive Ed camp at March of Dimes. She had the best week and didn’t want to leave! The biggest difference we noticed at home from her consistent skill work all week has been less ‘w’ sitting at home. She also did lots of great work on her walking!…

Day 1,075: The Cast Is Off!

Madison has really been enjoying her time at camp this week- she is doing lots of great walking and stretching and loves all the monster activities! While Madi was at camp, Jack went to his first dentist appointment and did amazing! Inspection, cleaning, X-rays and fluoride treatment! After camp, Madi & Jack went for a…

DAY 1,074: Camp!

Madi is at March of Dimes for most of this week for Conductive ed camp! She is super thrilled with the theme of the week- Monsters!! After camp she picked up her brother and headed north to Smile- Jack was the best cheerleader!

Day 1,072: The Value of a Dollar

Madi was very brave today. For the 3rd time in 10 months she was casted to stretch out her leg muscles. Her left leg was the only one casted because her range of movement is 7 degrees less then her right leg. She was able to achieve similar degrees the last time we casted, so…

Day 1,070: Weekend Fun!

Madi had a blast watching Jack and Owen at their soccer practice this morning. After soccer, Madi and Jack went to Pam and Medford’s for a bit of the afternoon. They had some lunch, played hide and seek and Madison did some house building while Jack was the one to “blow” the house down.