Day 952: Double Swim Fun!

Madison and Jack had their first swimming lessons together tonight. Madi was with Hayley and Jack was with Joe. They stuck together for lessons to help Jack be comfortable in the water seeing Madison…Mommy couldn’t be happier! Free time to swim some laps and knowing the kids were in excellent hands building their skills during confidence in the water.

Jack cried a bit at the beginning and the end, but Hayley and Joe did an excellent job at distracting Jack and trying to do some floats etc while getting Madi to work on her jogging and walking and floats and bubbles. After their lessons it was play time with Mommy! 

Day 951: Therapy Thursday!

Madi was proud to walk in her first Terry Fox walk today at school. She told us she walked for Terry to help him help the kids feel better and because his leg was sick he is in heaven now so everyone has to walk for him. Pretty bang on! Proud Mommy moment!

Madison only had a half day of school today. On Thursdays Madison will be going to March of Dimes for their afternoon school program. She did lots of amazing walking there!


After MOD Madi headed north to WindReach Farm for a riding session with Max. Their focus today was Madi commanding Max to change between fast and slow walking.

Madi’s last component of therapy for the day was walking at Neurochangers. She was on the Geo Machine for about 900 steps!

Day 950: Up & Over Hurdles

Madi did a great job at physio with Nana after school. She was tired from school so it took some hard work from Nana, but Madi warmed up, took part and did great!

Today Madison did lots of walking in the multisensory room at VV. They also did lots of work stepping up and down on different objects. Her balance and coordination are really improving which is awesome to see. She finished her session with a super long walk down a super long hallway. 


Tonight the golf tournament committee was busy at Deer Creek getting all the golfers bags ready for Sunday. Hope to see you there!

Day 949: Library Day

Guest blog by Nana:

“Today was good, I picked Madison up and she looked at her new library book on the way home. She had a big snack and she fed her sea monkies, I moved them out of the sun because the water was so hot. She coloured for a while, had some quiet time on her iPad and then we got ready for ballet. Susie said today that she was very impressed with the way Madison is joining in and moving. She stood tall today and moved her arms in different ways like everyone else. She tried turning in her walker and is doing better. On the way home she told me she loves ballet,it’s fun and she loves her ballet teachers. She said her day at school was great, Monday is Gym, Tuesday is Library – her favourite day – and wed. Is pizza lunch. She told me they are learning about the sound the letter “a” makes and the rhyme about ants to remember the sound. We played a game about all the names we know that have the a sound. She played in the sand outside at recess and her socks and afo’s were full of sand. She was telling me a lot of names of her new friends.” 

Thanks Nana!

Day 948: Being Flexible

Madison has already learned so many valuable skills at such a young age that will serve her well as she grows. One of them is being flexible and going with the flow which we love about her! We can put her in pretty much any situation and she will adapt and follow through. 

Jack has been sick the last few days which has meant changing around Madison’s therapies and plans. She was super happy to go to school this morning with Pam and Medford so they could see her school while Daddy watched over Jack. They also picked her up and took her to Neurochangers to do some walking. While she was there she wasn’t happy with the fit of her AFO and was experiencing some pain. The wonderful team there worked their magic and figured out a way to get her walking. She ended up taking over 900 steps! She bounced back and made it through. 

Thank you Pam & Medford for all your help and a great day!

Day 947: BFF’s Birthday!

Madi had an early swim with Ryan and then with Patricia. She is loving swimming for 1 hour now every Sunday. Ryan focused on back floats and Patricia focused on water jogging with a wet vest.

Madi spent some time with Nana and Papa after her swim while Mommy finished up coaching. 

It was then time for Bens Birthday party! Madi loved seeing all her friends and celebrating her BFF’s 4th Birthday! Mommy was most excited to see Madi in the bouncy castle. She spent most of the party on there pulling herself up to standing and then trying to walk and bounce. She was a sweaty girl and was so proud of herself. It was the first time she has stood in a bouncy castle! Thanks for the great party Ben!


Day 946: Birthday Wrap Up

Madi had a nice visit with Shannon today for a massage. She is going through a growth spurt and her hips and ankles have been cracking and poping so it was perfect timing for a visit.

Madi and Mommy did some running around to get things organized for the week and then everyone went over to Grandma and Grandpas to celebrate Madi’s birthday and Grandpa’s birthday. They played around with Stanley in the backyard and opened presents. Jack still isn’t feeling well so the visit was cut short to get him to bed after dinner.

Day 945: Assembly

Madison had her first school assembly today. She told me that her principal talked about Terry Fox and about bad behaviour at recess. She said you can’t throw rocks or sand at recess and no pushing your friends… sure glad I’m not on duty at her school hahahha.

After school Madi went to physio with Stephanie. She worked super hard on getting up from the floor with her SMO’s and walking. They also worked on walking on uneven surfaces like a squishy floor mat.


Day 944: New Tricks

Madison’s day was busy and she was tired, but she pushed through and did her best.

After school she went riding with her horse Max. She did a lot of reaching and core activities as well as deep breathing for voice projection.

After a good session at Windreach, Madi headed to Neurochangers for some time on the GEO. Lots of distractions with YouTube and Netflix had to happen for the session to keep moving as Madi was super tired. The staff were amazing at helping her stay on track and keep her walking. 

Madi’s new trick happens at bath time! She has found new independence and loves it. She now knows how to turn the bath water on and to the right temperature, put the plug in and then get in and out of the tub all by herself! She obviously has supervision for bath time, but likes to tell us she can do it all by herself now. 

Day 943: Pizza Day!

Madison had her first pizza lunch at school today. She was pretty excited. 

Here is a guest blog from Nana:

” Madison had a great day at school. Today was pizza lunch, she didn’t like the pepperoni so just took it off, she loved playing in the sand outdoors at recess with all the sand toys and she said she used her canes all day. She ate a snack as soon as she got in the car and had a big drink of water then fell asleep during the drive to VV. She did not want to wake up, did not want to see Stephanie, only wanted her Mama. So I bribed her, we walked in, got some popcorn and freezing cold water. She ate a bunch then after a slow start with Stephanie did great work. Amazing walking, stepping up and down on different levels, climbing in and out of the ball pit, crouches, walking up the stairs holding onto the wall. Stephanie was really working her on walking slowly, trying to take longer strides and trying to get her full foot flat on the ground.”