Day 797: Nate the Great!

Madi & Jack spent their morning playing with Nate to have some cousin time before leaving for St Louis. Nana & Uncle Mark took them to the park for lots of outdoor fun while Mommy & Daddy packed!

Madi was thrilled to have her friend Taylor visit today to say good luck! Taylor will be having SDR with Dr Park in September! Taylor gave Madison some gifts to keep her happy in the hospital and the coolest pair of shoes for her new feet! Thank you Taylor for visiting and wishing Madi well!

A very special THANK YOU TO SPENCER BROTHERS who printed these shirts for MADISON ! Thanks ROBERT ,HUGH and TERRY you folks have been fantastic to us and very generous during MADISON’S JOURNEY !We will proudly wear our pink in St. Louis to support MADISON. WHY PINK ? Madison’s favorite colour !!!

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