Day 1,217: Accessible Camping

Madison and Jack just got back from 3 days of camping and loved every minute! They ventured north to Six Mile Lake Provincial Park for a weekend full of swimming, s’mores and board games.


This was our first time booking an accessible site at a provincial park and it was a fantastic experience! The campsite had a concrete slab with accessible washrooms and showers nearby. We had an accessible picnic table which Madison loved. The majority of the paths that lead to the beach and other areas to explore were paved with no stairs and Ontario Parks offers discounted rates with an accessible parking pass. Madison did an amazing job navigating the different surface in her canes.


We have plans to visit 3 other Provincial Parks this summer in our camper. We decided this would be a better option for Madison’s mobility and we were right – she was able to be independent in the space we had and did great!

Madison and Jack swam lots, played in the sand, explored the grounds, ate lots of popcorn & s’mores and played Kirplunk and Bingo. They learned how to build a fire, they did their dishes in a bucket after meals and slept like champs through a massive thunderstorm.


It was an awesome weekend exploring the beauty of our province and spending some much needed family time together.


Day 1,216:A Fish in the Making

Madison has loved the water since her first swim as a newborn. The water is her happy place where she feels in control and free.


Today Madison had an excellent swim with Ryan. She was confident and did really well listening to his feedback and trying new things. She was so happy! I realized while she was  swimming that it’s been 4.5 years since her first lesson with a Ryan…here is little Madi at 1.5 years old!



And today’s swim…


Madison also had a great session at Smile Therapy this morning. Her ankle was a bit sore from falling this morning but Jo-Anne helped her with some tape and she did great!


Mr Jack had a blast at Sportball tonight. They played their first soccer game and Jack ran hard and laughed the whole time.


Day 1,215: Marathon Day

Madison is a trooper and pushed through a physically demanding day. Camp has been an amazing experience so far but it’s been exhausting for her. Today’s camp skills included swimming, throwing skills, jumping skills, time outside and lots of camp games in the gym. Madison said the best part of the gym is when they all raced around the track. After camp Madison had an awesome swim lesson with Ryan. They focused on backstroke, floats with rolls, deep end swimming and kicking. After swimming Madison had a great workout with Melissa in the gym – she walked across all 12 treadmills sidestepping to avoid the lava on the floor lol.


Jack had his first morning camp today! The theme this week is sports. He went with his buddies and had a blast. After camp Jack took Rusty for a walk, played at the park and then met up with Madison at Variety Village. He went for a swim and then played baseball in the gym while Madison worked out.


It was a super active day for Madi and Jack so they were in bed asleep by 6:30!

Day 1,214:What a Day of Firsts!

Madison and Jack had an awesome day!

Today was Madison’s first day of sports camp at Variety Village. They started their day with swimming and then went to the gym and worked on balance skills with an obstacle course, played some camp games, worked on climbing and throwing skills and finished the day with free time outside. She loved it! It was a full day of fun – 7 hours of moving and grooving! She said the best part of camp this week is she gets to swim everyday and spend lots of time with her cousin and her friends.



Tonight was Jack’s first night of Sportball! It’s  a mix of soccer skills and t-ball skills at a park in our neighbourhood. Madison cheered him on! Jack loved it and did really well. Tonight they focused just on soccer so Jack was a little disappointed as he LOVES baseball! But he is really looking forward to going back next week.



Day 1,213: Mom Day!

Today was a day for Mom! First game back this season and it was so much fun! Women empowering women =amazing! It was so wonderful playing again with such supportive teammates who play hard and know how to have some fun.


Madison and Jack kept cool this afternoon in the sprinkler! It was a hot one!


This week Madi was busy with her first week of summer…lots of therapy but LOTS of fun!!!