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Day 1,174: Nebs Fun World!

Thanks for the fun day Nana & Papa! Tomorrow is the last day to help out Variety Village with their annual Christmas Fund project. Check out Madi’s article here: The Toronto Sun Christmas Fund

Day 1,173: Let the Festivities Begin!

Madison and Jacks Christmas celebrations have started! The annual photo with Santa! Madison has limited therapy scheduled over the break. She has worked very hard and will enjoy some time off. Her first evening of holidays was spent at the pool having some fun with Jack. They had a nice visit with Pam and Medford…

Day 1,172: A Week of Work

Madison has been working hard this week with her different therapy sessions. Saturday morning is her last activity and then she has some time off. Monday she had massage, Tuesday Smile Therapy, Wednesday physio and swimming and then she will be back at the pool Friday!

Day 1,171: Hard Work with Stephanie

Madison had a great physio session with Stephanie today. They did some strengthening and focused on walking on uneven surfaces. When she was done she headed down the hall to the Variety Village ambassador Christmas party!

Day 1,170: Thanks MOD!

Madison had her last class at March of Dimes today. They spent the last few classes getting excited for the holidays! Thanks to everyone in her Conductive Education program for an amazing session! Madison continued her hard work later today at Smile. She did lots of walking practice and spent some time in ski boots…

Day 1,169: Happy Birthday Nate!

Madison and Jack had a wonderful weekend celebrating Nate’s 4th Birthday! They also squeezed in some ballet, work at Smile Therapy, Medevil Times and picking out a Christmas tree. They were exhausted by this afternoon so it was early to bed.

Day 1,168: Thanks Texas!

Madison is home from Texas. She has mixed feelings about it. She was very sad to leave but also really missed her brother and her pets. It was very sweet seeing her and Jack reunite – they spent the whole day together and didn’t leave each others sides. We are so grateful that Madison could…