Day 254: Happy Halloween!

Madison had a spooktacular Halloween! Her day started at Nathan’s house for a Halloween brunch to celebrate his first Halloween! Madi had lots of yummy food, played with Nate and made some fun Halloween crafts.


Unfortunately the blog is having some technical issues with posting pictures this evening. Please look to my Facebook page for additional photos from the night.


After a quick nap and a Pizza dinner (Halloween tradition) Madison helped set up her pumpkins and then was off for some Trick or Treating. She made it in her walker to 4 houses this year! Her first stop was to Pam and Medford’s house. She walked right up in her walker making her monkey sounds and was excited to get some bags of gold fish crackers – her favourite! After some piano playing and a nice visit she left for some other houses. She did a great job walking with her costume on and was only scared at one house. It had a big ghost on the front lawn so it took her about 10 minutes to reach the door. When she was all done she sat out front of our house for a while watching the other kids and handed out candy. At this time last year Madison had her first pony walker for only a few weeks and made it just next door. What an improvement and change from a year ago! Happy Halloween!

Day 253: Halloween at School!

Madison had a great Halloween celebration at school this morning! They went trick or treating and had a Halloween sing along with pumpkin masks and everyone was in costume. Madison’s monkey costume did not last on her long but she looked cute while it was on.


She had a great afternoon with Grandpa and Grandma Ambos. She decorated Halloween cupcakes and carved a little pumpkin.


When she got home she helped Daddy decorate the front of the house and carve her big pumpkin. She loved ripping all the pumpkin guts out which was a surprise as she has some challenges with different textures. Sensory time at school must really be improving!  Mommy drew out two designs for Madi to choose from. She knew which one she wanted right away when she pointed and laughed….”haha Punkin face Mama”

Madison supervising Daddy



Warming up to ghosts


Madi’s Witch Pumpkin






Madi’s jungle walker with bananas is all ready for tomorrow! Look out Aspen Road..there will be a monkey out on the loose!



Day 252: MRI Update

Madi had a great afternoon with Nana & Papa. After her nap she played and read some Halloween books and then had dinner before swimming. She did a great job at swimming with Ryan tonight.  She did some back floats, practiced her kicking and swimming on her side. When she got home she was very excited to show Nana & Papa her new room. After bath and books it was time for bed.



Madison showing Mommy how she floated on her back at swimming and how she kicked her legs with Ryan





Sick Kids Hospital called today with an update on Madison’s MRI. She is booked for an overnight MRI on November 20th at 9:45 pm.  She has to be sleep deprived from the day and when admitted at 8:30 pm they will give her Melatonin. At 9:45 they will put her to bed and then once asleep they will start the 1.5 hour scan. If all goes well she will not have to have another MRI via anasthesia.

Day 251: Halloween Fun!

At March of Dimes this afternoon Madison was motivated to work hard through her different exercises with all the Halloween props and activities. She practiced her walking by picking up spiders, side stepped to a pumpkin,  played with small pumpkins in a sandbox and practiced independent standing while painting a pumpkin. She talked about her class with Monika all night….she loved it! Thanks Janine for all the fab pictures.







In other news…Madison and Mommy will have lots more time together before her brother comes…he’s up to some funny business much like his big sister and Mommy is on motified bed rest…everyone is ok….just taking precaution to keep baby Ambos cooking.

Day 250: An Artist!

Madi had a great afternoon with her cousin Nate and Aunt Nadia while Mommy and Daddy were out. They played and had a nice lunch. Thanks for the playdate!




Madi brought home a massive bag of artwork from her first 2 months at school. Some of the art is fall themed and some is from her sensory station where she also works on her fine motor skills. Here are some samples from her bag.





Day 249: Bedtime Routine

Madison has been working on her independence at bedtime. After her bath and PJ’S Madison sits in her chair to brush her hair and blow dry it sitting up. She then sidesteps to her bed and then uses her bed rails to sidestep over to her chair for story time . After she reads her books she drinks her milk and then jumps into bed with the help of Mommy and Daddy. She is doing such a good job at figuring things out without help.





Day 247: Cousin Love

Madison and Nate had a play date today while Nate’s Mommy and Daddy set up for his Baptism. They played together for a solid 2 hours non stop. Madison didn’t need to do any physio today as it already consisted of climbing over or under Nate, following him through the play tunnel and trying to side step with him around different play tables and toys.







After some fun it was nap time and then Nate’s Baptism. It was nice for Madison to see so many family and friends and to celebrate the special occasion with her cousin.










Day 245: Back in the Pool!

Madi was back in the pool at Variety Village tonight after a few months of renovations. She had a lesson with Ryan and successfully dunked under the water, worked on side floating,  some kicking and getting use to being back with Ryan. We are happy for her to be back in the pool to help eith her stiffness that has been a bit of an issue latly. She reportedly had little to no tears which made for a successful first lesson back!