Day 315: Happy New Year!

Madison and Mommy had a nice morning together hanging out while Daddy was out. Madison looked through old pictures from this time last year and Mommy talked about all the progress she has made in the last year. Mommy told Madison how proud she is of all her hard work but most importantly, Mommy and Madison talked about what an amazing and happy little girl she is. Madison, Mommy and Daddy are so grateful to everyone who have supported us and cheered us on this past year. Xo


Madison spent her New Years celebrations with Mommy, Daddy, Uncle Mark, Aunt Nadia, Marissa and Nate. She went out for a yummy all you can eat sushi dinner and then went to Nate’s house for a play. Mommy and Daddy let Madison stay up late so she became quite silly and hyper as she became more tired. She loves Nate’s robot toy named Beat Bo. Her and Uncle Mark danced and played with Beat Bo as Uncle Mark enjoyed his scotch.



Mommy is also especially thrilled that baby #2 is still cooking into 2016! Blue nails to celebrate!



Finally….here is our blog ‘ s year in review.  Check out all the really cool stats from all of our fab followers like…33,000 views in over 47 countries! Thank you to everyone for tuning in to follow our amazing little girls journey! We can’t wait to continue sharing our adventures with you in 2016! Happy New Year!


The stats helper prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 33,000 times in 2015. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 12 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Day 314: Hippotherapy

This morning Madison had the oppertunity to meet with Pat and Kendra at Windreach Farms. They offer therapeutic horseback riding lessons for toddlers, children and adults with both physical or cognitive disabilities.  When we first heard about this type of therapy this is what we found:

“Hippotherapy is a physical, occupational or speech and language therapy treatment strategy that utilizes equine movement. Hippotherapy literally means “treatment with the help of the horse” from the Greek word, “hippos” meaning horse. Specially trained physical and occupational therapists use this treatment for clients with movement dysfunction. In Hippotherapy, the movement of the horse influences the client. The client is positioned on the horse and actively responds to his movement. The therapist directs the movement of the horse; analyzes the client’s responses; and adjusts the treatment accordingly. This strategy is used as part of an integrated treatment program to achieve functional outcomes.”

During the first part of our visit Pat explained to us about their goals at Windreach. She said:

” Our program offers individuals with special needs with the opportunity to improve balance, coordination, mobilization of trunk and pelvis, muscle strength, normalization of muscle tone, and to prevent contractures. Spending time with our horses is enriching and improves overall quality of life.”

The stables and grounds were beautiful!  The first thing Madison did was try on a purple ridding helmet which she didn’t mind putting on. We then looked at all the stalls where the horses sleep and walked around the heated indoor riding arena. They then took us to the back field to see the outdoor riding ring used in the spring and summer and to the different fenced in areas where the horses and pony’s were out running and eating.  Madison loved meeting the horses! The smaller horses (pony’s) were fun to meet. Their names were Max, Joe and Vinnie. Madison would ride one of these. They are very gentle, calm, eexperienced and weigh about 850 pounds each. Madison loved watching them. Our tour finished with a visit to the indoor lounge that has a viewing window to the indoor arena where Mommy and Daddy can watch Madison. We were thrilled with what they had to offer. Our next step is getting some medical forms filled out and figuring out a training day as Madison will start out with 1:1 lessons. When she rides she will have a guide for the horse who is the teacher and two volunteers to walk on either side of the horse. She will start out with 30 minute sessions in the beginning and then move to group training sessions as she gets a bit older. Madison loved the visit and we can’t wait for her to start!

We feel very grateful and blessed that we are able to provide Madison with this oppertunity thanks to the funds raised through the Mike Gregoire Memorial Golf Tournament!


Day 313: Fixed A.F.O.’S!

This morning Daddy took Madison to get the final pieces for her AFO’S. It was discovered that due to her tone/growth that her heal was not fitting properly in the heal of the boots. A third strap was added to help keep things where they need to be as her feet try and sneak out during the day. A hole was also drilled into the heal so we can visually see the placement of her heal before putting her shoes on. The boots were also extended and we’re hoping they will last another few months. A new tongue was also added to better help distribute the pressure on the top of her foot. March is Madison’s 1 year anniversary of getting them so it would be good to try and make them last until then to have ADP cover a portion of the new ones.  We have another appointment booked for the end of January to check in on them and possibly cast for new ones depending on her growth.


Madison had a great time playing/working on some good skills with Emily tonight



Day 312: Big Sister Duties

Madison started her day with a much needed haircut. She sat in a big girl chair to get her bangs cut. She did a great job sitting up straight and still and kept her head facing forward. In the past this would have been too hard and she would have fallen over so we were happy to see how well she did.


Madison spent the rest of her day helping Mommy and Daddy get ready for her baby brother. She went shopping for some newborn supplies, helped pick out clothes for the hospital and pack her brothers hospital bag.She was excited to help Mommy get everything ready for the bag by standing in her brothers crib and then throwing all the items in the bag on the floor. After packing her brothers things she packed her own bag so that she will have what she needs when Mommy and Daddy are at the hospital. She helped clean his carseat and get it ready too. Madison did a great job helping Mommy and Daddy get organized! 


Day 311: Date Night With Papa

Tonight was Mommy & Daddy’s annual Christmas date night with Aunt Nadia and Uncle Mark….so Madison had a date night with Papa!

She was so excited for him to arrive she waited by the door and watched for his car. She is finally strong enough to hold herself upright at the door to look outside.


Madison and Papa had a great time playing all kinds of games.

They played basketball. Madison practiced her slam dunks and driving hard to the net.


Madison practiced for a future job at The Beav and sold Papa a puzzle with her cash register. She scanned each item before Papa had to pay.


Madison went to Swiss Chalet to pick up dinner. She read the newspaper while she waited for Papa to tie his shoes.


 She loved the chicken and fries but was not a fan of the pecan pie – Mommy’s favorite!


After dinner Madison got some good practice in her walker and played with Mr. Potato head. She loves pretending to wear his glasses.


Madison had a great date night with Papa and loved showing him all of her new toys and games.

Day 310: Christmas Visit With Great Grandma Gregoire

Madison woke up today in good spirits and was back to her old self. She was happy to hear that she would be visiting with Great Grandma Gregoire.

Madison started her day with lots of stretching as Mommy and Daddy didn’t make it a priority over Christmas and it was starting to show in her feet.

Then, after a fun morning of playing with all of the toys Santa brought her Madison headed to Nana and Papa’s house to pick up Papa, and then went to Providence to visit with Great Grandma.

Madison brought her walker to use at Providence. It was the perfect place to practice with all the wide hallways and fully accessible doors and rooms. Madison did really well walking down each hallway trying to find Grandma’s picture to find her room. She walked all the way from the elevator to Grandma’s room. Madison had a great visit with Grandma, Aunt Suzanne and Papa. They opened presents, talked about Christmas and watched the World Juniors play on TV. When it was time to go, Madison and Grandma strolled back to the elevators together. Everyone was very impressed with how strong and independent Madison is getting in her walker. It was very exciting to see.








After her visit with Great Grandma, Madison headed to her friends house The Dellers for their annual boxing day party. She had a great time visiting and loved the very generous gifts from Debbie. She played with her new puzzle under the tree and played with Brad’s puppy Hannah who loved giving Madison kisses. Her appetite was back and she ate lots of cheese, bread, grapes and lots of juice. Madison said that Brad is her good friend and wants to play with him and Hannah again. Happy Boxing Day!

Day 309: Merry Christmas Day!

Madison woke up this morning much more herself. This is really the first time that Madison had to battle a flu and we found it so interesting to see how much her tone in her legs change when she is sick. She is a lot tighter and her feet are more sensitive and sore.

Madison went downstairs and saw that Santa had been to the house! She saw all the presents under the tree and yelled “open one open one”! She opened her stocking with Daddy and Mommy and decided to eat the left overs of Santa’s cookies.


Once stockings were done she played in her learning tower with her stickers and helped Mommy with breakfast. Madison was excited that she was going to eat breakfast in the dinning room instead of in the kitchen. She loved her special Santa plate. Mommy and Daddy knew she was on the mend when she ate 3 whole pieces of bacon and a full bottle of juice. She loves her bacon!



After breakfast Madison crawled quickly over to the Christmas tree and started opening her presents from Santa. Her highlights were her Panda baby, Music Theatre Elmo, a new bathing suit, an airplane and a basketball net. She also did a great job helping Stitch and Carter open their presents too. After all the presents were opened Madison played with all her new toys and then it was time for a nap.



After her nap it was time to go to Grandma and Grandpa Ambos’ house for Christmas dinner. As soon as she got there she opened a present with Aunt Emily right away – Molly from Bubble Guppies for the bath! She was thrilled. She opened a few more presents and then had some dinner. She decided she only wanted to have bread and juice which was fine as everyone was happy that something was going into her stomach. After dinner she opened more presents and happily played with them all. Her present highlights were a baby boy, a phone from Aunt Emily, numbers and letters for the tub and a Bubble Guppies book and puzzle. She had made a special present for Mommy and Daddy with Grandma. A nice painting of her Christmas toes! She got tired quickly so she got changed into her new Christmas PJ’s and then headed home. It was a great Christmas celebration!



Merry Christmas!


Day 308: Merry Christmas Eve!

Madison was still under the weather today…but she didn’t let it stop her from celebrating Christmas! She started her day with sleeping until 11:30am! When she got up she was sick a few more times, had a little to eat, played for a bit and then visited with Pam and Medford. She exchanged lovely gifts and had a play on the piano. She tried her best but still was not much herself. She loves her visits with Pam and Medford so hopefully she will have another visit soon when she is feeling better.

20151224_14002920151224_144029  After her visit, Madison was off to Nana and Papa’s! Madison celebrated her Christmas Eve with Nana, Papa, Uncle Mark, Aunt Nadia, Cousin Nate and Mommy and Daddy. When she arrived she was asleep from the car ride so she went to her and Nate’s room and slept for a bit. When she woke up she was not much better. She tried her best to open her stocking and play with her cousin but she did not feel well. Then Aunt Nadia gave Madison her special feel better potion (Tempra) and Madison made a quick rebound just in time for dinner. She sang Jingle Bells and other Christmas songs at the table, ate a good amount and then was ready for presents! She tried to be very patient during gift opening and wait her turn but she often was heard saying “open another one!” She was a very very lucky girl and received some very generous and beautiful gifts – all which she wanted to play with immediately. After gift opening she had some dessert and got into her Christmas pj’s, had some more of Aunt Nadia’s special potion and headed home. Once she got home she read some Christmas books with Mommy while Daddy unloaded the car, put out some cookies for Santa, said goodbye to her elf Molly and then was off to bed. Merry Christmas Eve!








Day 306 & 307: Sick at Christmas

Yesterday Madison’s day started off great with a visit with Pam and Medford. She played in the water, played with the ornaments on the tree and watched Santa on the iPad and waved hi.


Madison also sent Papa a special birthday video for his birthday yesterday

Madison had a visit with Eric in the afternoon to have her AFO’S looked at. He made some adjustments to help with the positioning of her feet after the botox.


After her visit with Eric Madison headed to Grandview to have a session with Kate. Unfortunately Madison fell asleep in the car and we couldn’t wake her up in the clinic so we had a quick chat with Kate and then headed home.

After dinner and bedtime Madison slowly started to go down hill. It appears she caught the flu that Mommy had on Sunday and Monday. Around 10:30 lastnight she woke up vomiting and didn’t stop until 5:30 this morning. She hasn’t been sick since early this morning but has been hanging low around the house in her jammies, drinking lots and taking it easy. We are hoping she will rebound for Santa tomorrow!