Day 795: Report Card!

Madi had a great morning at school! She loved making spaghetti and meatballs at sensory time. Madison also got her report card today. Her kindergarten school wanted it submitted in May, but since she will be away her teachers were on top of it and had it ready today! Mommy & Daddy were super impressed not only with Madison’s progress and success, but with the quality of the report and all the things they have been working on to prepare her for kindergarten. We highly recommend her school to anyone who has a child with special needs and would like to prepare them for integration in kindergarten. This is also a great check list of pre-kindergarten skills for any child. Here are pages from her report. So happy and so so impressed! 

After school Madison had her last PT session with Stephanie until she gets back from St Louis. They did lots and lots of walking and worked so hard! We will miss Stephanie but can’t wait to get started again in June!


Jack ran around like crazy chasing balls all over the gym

​Madison had a quick visit with Lynda and Erin and she got her official pink VV ambassador shirt. Madi will be representing VV at lots of golf tournaments this summer!

They had a great rest of their day at Nana & Papa’s while Mommy had her last coaching session. Thanks Ruby & Sara for Madi’s good luck gift!

Mommy is super pumped for the activity books that were delivered today! Gifts from Mommy for Madi for her hospital stay. So beautiful! Here are some of the pages:

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