Day 981: Sunday Training

Madi was up with the birds to head to the pool for early practice. She thinks it’s the best thing ever to practice next to the team. She swam for an hour with Ryan and Patricia and had a blast.

After some lunch and a rest she worked in the basement with Claire. They did lots of deep squats to standing, walking side steps, core work on the ball, single leg kneeling, high kneeling activities and practiced with her red canes.


Day 980: Halloween Fun

Madi and Jack spent their morning with Grandma and Grandpa doing different Halloween activities. They made cookies, carved a pumpkin, read books and made slime.

Madi & Jack then headed to Dog Tails. They were able to visit with 4 different dogs that are trying to find their forever homes. No connection was made today, so the search continues for their new four legged friend.

Day 979: Hit The Wall

Madi had her fifth day with Jenn & Mike. She had a meltdown two minutes in, which was expected – she held on all week, she was exhausted and had her own agenda for the morning. When she is tired, she prefers what’s easy – her Walker, but the plan was canes. After some time with Mike working it out, she started and did a great job with her single point canes. Madi had an awesome week and continues to progress which is icing on the cake. 

After school it was time for some fun – the Starlight Halloween party!! Madison and Jack met up with Ben and Cruz for some Halloween fun. Starlight rented rooms at a hotel to offer indoor/accessible trick or treating. Each hotel room had a different theme. Some of the themes were: lollipop room, mini stick room, face painting room, popcorn room, lego room, princess room and the puppy room! The kids had a blast!


Day 978: Hearts Are Full

Madi continues to push and do amazing things with Jenn & Mike. Today was a spectacular day! No fussing, attacked everything at 100% and continued to progress and be so proud of herself. Mommy saw some barefoot walking for the first time today which flooded her heart full of emotions. 

Yesterday Madi was thrilled to learn that Nydia (who is training at the same time as her) is a swimmer too. Nydia Competed in Para swimming for Canada in Rio and her and Madi are currently training buddies. Today she gave Madison one of her Swimming Canada shirts- Madi was thrilled and is currently sleeping in it.

After school, Madison hung out with Janine & Suzanne and they went to visit Great Grandma Gregoire. Madison wanted to help Grandma eat her snack. They have a beautiful bond and these videos once again filled our hearts with joy today. 


Day 977: Three Days In and Loving It!

Madi had her third day with Mike & Jenn. Monika and Stephanie were able to stop by to observe and ask questions about what Madison was doing. Having Madison’s team of people on board to incorporate ideas into their practice with her and collaborate as a team of amazing professionals was great to be a part of. 

Madi and Kate also had a great session at Grandview later in the day. Kate knew how hard Madi had been working and gave Madison a great session full of stretching and relaxing/calming movement exercises.

Jack had a great day making Halloween crafts!

Day 975: Walk This Way

Madison had her first day of training today with Mike & Jenn from Walk This Way. They are in Toronto for two weeks working with 8 SDR participants out of Variety Village. She will work with them for 2 hours a day and we can’t wait to share that with everyone!

More about Walk This Way:

“Walk This Way therapy courses specialise in working with children, teenagers and adults that are both post op SDR and pre op SDR. We work with other types of Cerebral Palsy but we are the only SDR specific training centre in the UK & the USA where we have been working with SDR related children for 5 years. During this time we have built up an international client list of over 400 clients that myself and my team members work with. Our techniques are focused, specific and designed to strengthen and condition the body to be able to move more freely and with more control. We work very closely with Dr Park and Deanna Walters at St Louis Children’s Hospital in the USA. After visiting the Children’s Hospital and working alongside their therapists it was encouraging to see just how similar our approach and training methods are.

We concentrate on strengthening the muscle weakness and then teach the body how to move better by focusing on biomechanics and movement based training . We are very focused on MOVEMENT and increasing functional Gain.”

Madison did an amazing job and worked hard – she was held accountable and made to listen and be attentive and was an active participant in the whole session. They made it fun and she was super engaged. It was exciting to see the quality of her walking develop over the session with only running shoes on.

Check out their site for more info:

Walk This Way Website Link

Day 973: Saturday Training

Madison headed to SMILE Therapy For Kids today for a personal training session. 

About SMILE Centre:

-Website Link-
“Specializing in the treatment of Gross Motor Disorders in children

Experienced Level III Cuevas MEDEK Therapy Practitioner (20 Years)

Post Selective Dorsal Root Rhizotomy Rehabilitation Specialist

Lecturer and Course/Workshop Presenter

Mentor to new therapists and those who have taken a CME course and want to expand their knowledge”

Madison already works with Jo-Anne once a week for MEDEK and will be doing a few personal training sessions here and there. Today she did some stretching, plank/core work on a ball, leg workouts on the total gym, high kneeling activities, work on the vibrafit machine and played some games. 

Day 972: PA Day!

Today Madison had her first PA Day! She was up bright and early and headed to Nana and Papas for breakfast and to check on Molly, her doll.

She then headed to Neurochangers and walked over 1,000 steps! She tried walking in the GEO for the first time in her SMO’s. they kept popping off so we will work on some adjustments.

Madison and Nana then went to the store to get some supplies to make the house spooky!

Later in the day her and Jack headed to VV for physio with Stephanie. Her focus of work today was walking with no one around her, to help build confidence.

Madi & Jack then had swimming! Jack is so much more comfortable now which was awesome to see. Madi did amazing with Hayley- jogging, floats, practicing steps and pushing Jack around the pool!