Day 405: Back at Grandview!

Madison had a great morning at school! Her volunteer reported that she did a lot of practice with her standing and loves the theme of the week – zoo animals!

After school Madison headed north to WindReach Farm for her riding lesson with her horse Joe. Madison’s teacher reported that she spoke a lot more today and was more relaxed. Stretching out on the peanut shaped physio ball really helped her legs loosen up before riding on Joe. The weather was better today so part of her lesson was outside on the back trail. Madison rode for almost 40 minutes today! After her lesson she fed Joe an apple and a carrot. Madison is thrilled to be able to ride every week and loves visitors cheering her on – her friend Bonnie watched her last week and Grandma and Grandpa Ambos watched today. Anyone is welcome to visit and watch – Madison will be riding Joe every Wednesday afternoon until about mid June.


After her riding lesson Madison headed to Grandview. She had been on a break from physio there with Kate for the past 2 months. Today was her first day back and she was excited to see Kate and jump right back into their work together. A tech from Motion Specialist popped in to adjust Madison’s first walker as she is no longer needing the hip supports or guide bar. The idea is that the red walker with big tires will serve her well outdoors this spring and summer on the grass and park etc. And she will continue to use her Kay walker when she is at her different programs and school. Kate assessed where Madison is at and set goals for this next block that will go until the beginning of June.


After a long day and lots of hard work, Madison headed home for some play time with Mommy and Jack. Now that Jack is getting bigger and stronger, Madison is loving their playtime together on the floor. Today she wanted to help Jack “practice on his tummy.”


Day 404: A Night at the Village

After a great afternoon of Big Sister duties, Madison was off to Variety Village for a night of fun!

Daddy and Madi spent some time together practicing in her walker through the halls while Mommy coached in the pool. Madison then had her turn in the pool for her lesson with Ryan. It was her first lesson back for the start of the spring session. They practiced different swim positions on the ramp and holding onto the bars. Ryan’s main goal this session is to get Madison more comfortable floating on her back by keeping her head back and her body relaxed. 

After her lesson with Ryan, Madison and her buddy Ruby played in the hot pool. Ruby helped Madison have a shower and get into her PJ’s to go home to bed. 

On her way out of the building, Madison stopped by court #3 in the field house to visit Aunt Nadia who was coaching volleyball. Her team remembered Madison from her visit to their tournament a few weeks ago and they all said hello. Madison watched their practice for a few minutes and then headed home. It was a great night in a place that is so special to Madison and the whole family. 


Day 403: Doctors Visit

Madison went to see her paediatrician today with Nana, Mommy and Jack. Her and Jack had their first appointment together. Jack got his 2 month shots and Madi – a full physical and a review of her therapies, nutrition and all of the above. Good news is that she has put on a small amount of weight since her 24 month check in but she still remains in the low end of the normal growth rage in the 15th percentile – a combination from being a preemie, having CP and being a picky eater. We will continue to tackle her eating habits and weight gain as her baby brother is quickly catching up with his non stop eating!


While Mommy and Jack had their turn with the Doctor, Nana and Madi played in the waiting room. Nana was approached by a little girl who had many questions about Madison. She wanted to know what her walker was, why she needed it and what was wrong with Madison. Nana did a great job answering for Madison who didn’t seem to be bothered by it at all. These types of conversations in social situations in the community are slowly starting to happen more often as Madison gets older – something that Mommy and Daddy are not really looking forward to but know it’s important for Madison to see how the adults in her life respond to certain questions so she knows for herself how she can choose to respond.Madison ended her day with some hard work and fun in the basement with Emily. Tonight’s favourite activity was threading beads to make bracelets and necklaces. This activity was fun and also targeted her fine motor goals she is working on at school right now as well as her coordination and balance by trying to stand while doing the activity. Thanks Aunt Nadia and Uncle Mark for the beading kit! 



Day 402: Easter 2016 Day 2

Madison had a fantastic Easter! Her day started with an egg hunt around the house that led her to her basket full of goodies and a special teddy bear made from one of her preemie onesies. Daddy helped Madi collect the eggs by holding her basket for her. Madi tried her best to collect eggs in both hands but it was tricky on the stairs and other places her walker was not able to go. Mommy saw a great idea online today that she will try next year…. Tape or sticky tack eggs to the wall and other places that are accessible when using her walker.



She was then off to Nana and Papa’s for brunch. Madi and Nate helped each other open Easter gifts and then had a great breakfast. They hunted for some eggs full of treats and then we’re off to the parade!

 VIP parking at the parade and great seats! Madi was sleepy but enjoyed watching all the people and characters from Nana’s lap.

 After the parade she headed to Grandma and Grandpas for dinner. She hunted for some books and made Easter eggs with stickers. After dinner she headed home, had a quick visit with Pam for some Easter goodies and then it was time for bath and bed.

 It was a busy couple of days but she loved every minute! Happy Easter!


Madison had a great day spreading awareness about cerebral palsy by wearing her shirt and being her usual awesome self! For the first time yesterday and today she said the words cerebral palsy. What the words meant a year ago to us and what they mean today has changed. Madison has changed. That is what we are thankful for today in spreading our message. Because of all her amazing therapists, programs, family, friends and cheerleaders – she continues to progress and do things we only wished for last year on this day. Madison continues to amaze us and we thank everyone who continues to read and cheer Madison on. As she gets older and continues to be more aware of what cerebral palsy means to her and how it impacts her daily life – we want her to continue to see all the spectacular things she is capable of and all her amazing strengths and not focus on her challenges or hard days. Thank you for helping us spread Madison’s message and for showing her support and continuing to motivate us to keep doing what we are doing to give her the life that she deserves. Impossible is nothing! 


Day 399: New Chores

Madison spent her afternoon with Pam and Medford and had a great time. She had some lunch, played with her toy mouse and watched Carter play in the backyard. She also had some yummy Easter treats. Then they all skated along the sidewalk home.

Madison started one of her new house chores today. She is now helping give Stitch her dinner. Her job is to go into the pet cupboard, get Stitches container of food and then put some in Stitches bowl. It takes a lot of balance for her to try and put the food in the bowl without spilling it or falling over herself. She is not happy when Stitch tries to start eating before she is finished her task.

Madison wants to remind everyone that people in the U.S. and Canada celebrate Cerebral Pasly Awareness Day tomorrow by wearing green. Show some green love!

Day 398: Riding Therapy!

Today Madison started her horseback riding therapy at WindReach Farm. When she got there she was a bit nervous. She went into the stalls and met her horse named Joe. He is an old horse – in his 20’s who was very sweet and calm. Madison instantly loved him and was then more relaxed. Her lesson started by mounting Joe on a tower in the riding ring. She worked with Joe for about half an hour. They walked in different patterns, stopped in front of mirrors so Madison could see herself on Joe and see her posture and they even blew bubbles while riding. She was then taught how to get Joe to start walking by saying ” walk on Joe” and how to get him to stop by saying “whoa”. She had no fear and was so confident and brave. Mommy was so proud of Madi and so was her friend Bonnie who came to watch and support Madison too! The riding will be really great for Madison’s core strength, to stretch out her inner thigh muscles and to work on weight shifting her balance side to side as the horse walks.

After her riding lesson, Madi spent her afternoon with the boys – Owen, Jack and Nate. While the two little ones napped on the couch, Nate and Madi played and played. Madi helped with soothers and changing diapers. It was a great play date!


Day 397: Fun with the Aunts!

Madison’s class had a visit with a Dentist this morning. A dentist from Toronto Public Health did a decay screen on each student. Madison was a bit apprehensive but let the doctor take a peek and All is good! 

Madison spent her afternoon with Janine, Suzanne and Buddy! She had a fun play in a tent with Buddy, played with her new horse and rider toy and had a long nap in Janine’s lap. When we were pulling out of the driveway she kept saying she wanted to go back and didn’t want to go home so she had a great afternoon. 

 When Madi got home, she helped Mommy get all her riding lesson stuff ready and tried on her new black boots. She is excited to see the horses tomorrow!


Day 396: Cousin Fun!

After a great morning back at school, Madison spent her afternoon with Jack  playing at Nates house. Nathan and Madison played so well with Jack and had a great visit with Nana and Aunt Suzanne. 


A reminder… This Friday, people in both Canada and the USA celebrate CP awareness day! Wash your clothes from St Patrick’s Day and wear some green to share some love for all your friends with CP!