Day 1,162: Halloween Fun at March of Dimes!

The last few days have been a blast for Madison. She had her Sparks Halloween party last night and trick or treating today at March of Dimes! They went for a walk around the building to all the offices and she collected a bag full of candy and had so much fun dressing up with her friends! Even her volunteers at horseback riding today were dressed up – such a fun day!


Day 1,158: Happy Birthday Gabriel!

Madi and Jack had a super busy, but super fun Sunday!

Their day started with a trip to pickup their pumpkins and then decorated the house for Halloween!


After some free time to play and get things ready for the week, they headed to Gabriel’s 1st Birthday Party! It was a Halloween theme so Madison dressed up as Elsa and Jack was Bob the Builder!


Madison also did some work with Ryan at the pool and started learning how to skull.


Madi and Jack then headed to Nana and Papas for some dinner and a play!


Day 1,156: Fall Adventure with Sparks!

Madison had a blast at Sparks tonight for their Fall Outdoor Adventure! They went to Hillside Outdoor Educational school and she participated in parachute games, a scavenger hunt and a campfire with singing and s’mores! Madi went through all the back trails of the forest with her team for the scavenger hunt in her outdoor walker with no issues. She loved singing and stuffing marshmallows in her mouth while keeping warm with new friends by the fire.


Day 1,155: Work Hard, Play Hard

Madi had a busy morning at Smile Therapy working on her strength and walking!


Once her hard work was done, she headed to her friend Charlotte’s birthday party for some fun with her class. She LOVED participating in a gymnastics class and eating yummy cupcakes with her friends.




The last few days Madison enjoyed some time at March of Dimes and with Stephanie at Variety Village.

We also had Madison’s IEP review meeting with her school team. She has some great goals for this school year and is surrounded by supportive teachers and staff who are working hard with her to increase her independent walking at school and use of single point canes. Other highlights from the meeting were:

despite the amount of school that she misses for therapy, her teacher has no academic concerns and her reading, writing and numeracy skills are well developed. Madison is also advocating for what she needs help with and is being clear when she doesn’t need help. She is actively participating in class and is also fully participating in gym class and recess is also going well. A new goal they will be working on with her is increasing her sustained attention, specifically when walking with her canes in areas with lots of visual distractions. Her school OT will be doing a new assessment to compare from last year and then will set some new fine motor goals.