Day 858: Popsicles 

Today when Madi got up there was no change from how she had been feeling the last couple of days. She didn’t want to eat or drink, was super quiet and didn’t say much, cried cause her tummy hurt, wasn’t able to go to the washroom and fell back asleep after only being awake for an hour. Mommy had enough of waiting around for Madi to rebound this past week so Mommy took Madi to the hospital to get some answers. Triage took her in right away and after some blood work, urine samples and several physicals – they couldn’t figure it out and chalked it up to a virus that she would have to just ride out. The only thing she would eat for them was a popsicle. She slept the whole time at the hospital and slept the rest of the day at home. The doctor wants her back at the hospital Monday to see if she has improved. They were efficient and did a great job with her.

Around dinner time she woke up and seemed a bit more herself. She was chatty and had a little bit of dinner. She decided she wanted another Popsicle so her and Jack went outside to have one. After a few minutes she was ready to go back upstairs to bed. Hopefully she sleeps well tonight and rebounds tomorrow.

Day 857: Vibrafit

Madi had a good start to her day. Daddy took her to Variety Village to do some work with Stephanie. The big focus was walking! She walked up a ramp, did some standing with ski boots & Gaitors and walking with her ski boots! 

When Madi got home, Mommy set up her new Vibrafit vibration plate. It finally came (long story).

Many people with CP use vibration therapy to help improve things like circulation, bone density, muscle mass, balance and strength.

Here is a link for more information:
Mommy let Madi and Jack simply explore it today so Madi would be comfortable and then Madi will be doing different positional work on it like holding 4 point, high knees and standing on it.


Madison received priority mail today which she was excited to open. A beautiful letter was enclosed from Mario and the Romano family who supported Madison and many other families in Ontario who were in need of support for the same surgery Madison had. We are in the process of planning a dinner for all the families The Romano’s supported so everyone can meet and give thanks. This is a very special letter that we will keep for Madison to have when she is older when she can truly appreciate the meaning of everything.

As the day went on, Madison quickly went down hill. She is under the weather and went to bed early. She will have a low key weekend to hopefully recover for Monday.

Day 856: Slowing Down

From the moment Madi woke up this morning she was not herself. She was exhausted all day, quiet and didn’t want to eat much or do much of anything. Either she is hitting the wall from therapy overload or possibly getting sick. She is such a little warrior and always tries to move forward with things no matter what. Cancelling things today was not an option for her. She was looking forward to time with Jo-Anne and Ryan and nothing would stop her from doing that. 

Madi worked hard with Jo-Anne today. She proved to herself over and over how much strength she has developed. She had some tears that came from exhaustion, but pushed through and did some great standing, weight shifting with walking and even some step ups. 

After a sleep in the car on the way to Nana’s and lots of resting at Nana’s, Madi headed to Variety Village for a swim with Ryan and Ruby. She did lots of walking around the pool, some bobs and some activities to develop body awareness in the water.

Day 855: Double Physio

With school finished for the year, Madi has more time in the day to focus on therapy. Today she had double Physio!

Her first Physio session of the day was with Stephanie at Variety Village. They focused on work with her Gaitors and ski boots doing side stepping, walking and standing. Madi did awesome!!! So exciting to see her balance and strength coming along. 


On her way to the car, Madi visited with Nina who gave her the giant poster board used for the Pizza Nova day for Variety Village that Madison was an ambassador for. Thanks Nina!

Madi’s second Physio session of the day was in the afternoon with Kate at Grandview. They worked on different post op strengthening activities, high knees and some walking. Madi did such a great job!


​After dinner Madi was excited that Emily was visiting to hang out with her. They did lots of fun stuff while Daddy took Jack for a bike ride.

Day 854: The Small Things

Madi had a great Physio session with Kate today. She has been a bit under the weather and warn down, so Mommy was thrilled to see Madi working hard. Everyone who works with Madi is starting to see small change that is very exciting. Today’s “notice” was that her leg strength has really improved – particularly with her left leg. She also can isolate certain muscles and have control for better function. An example of this was today when she was able to stand flat footed and then go up on her toes and back down again with no braces – she was not able to do this before SDR. She also did some excellent side stepping and work on high knees. 

Day 853: Last Day of Riding

Madi was at Grandview this morning for PT. She was absoultly exhausted – she is hitting a bit of a therapy wall so we shortened the session and she focused on sit to stand activities and standing only.

Later in the afternoon Madi went to WindReach Farm for her last ride of the spring session. She used a super loud voice for the whole lesson and was thrilled to get a pink ribbon at the end. 

Day 852: Happy Father’s Day!

Madi and Jack woke up nice and early to wake Daddy up for Fathers Day! They each made him something special and wrote in his Daddy’s Day book that they share together each year.

Daddy and Grampa spent Father’s Day working on a project in the garage so Madi and Jack left for most of the day and went for breakfast and a play at the beach with Nate and to celebrate Papa and Uncle Mark.

When leaving the park a little girl followed Madison to a bench and the two girls visited together. She asked Madi why she had her walker and Madi told her it helps her walk. The little girl told Madi her name and that she had a baby brother. Madi then told the girl about Jack so they were the same. They giggled and then Madi said bye and walked out with Papa. That one conversation brought so much ease to Mommy’s heart for kindergarten in the fall. 

When the garage project was finished, Madi and Jack visited with Grandpa. 

Happy Father’s Day!