Day 945: Assembly

Madison had her first school assembly today. She told me that her principal talked about Terry Fox and about bad behaviour at recess. She said you can’t throw rocks or sand at recess and no pushing your friends… sure glad I’m not on duty at her school hahahha.

After school Madi went to physio with Stephanie. She worked super hard on getting up from the floor with her SMO’s and walking. They also worked on walking on uneven surfaces like a squishy floor mat.


Day 944: New Tricks

Madison’s day was busy and she was tired, but she pushed through and did her best.

After school she went riding with her horse Max. She did a lot of reaching and core activities as well as deep breathing for voice projection.

After a good session at Windreach, Madi headed to Neurochangers for some time on the GEO. Lots of distractions with YouTube and Netflix had to happen for the session to keep moving as Madi was super tired. The staff were amazing at helping her stay on track and keep her walking. 

Madi’s new trick happens at bath time! She has found new independence and loves it. She now knows how to turn the bath water on and to the right temperature, put the plug in and then get in and out of the tub all by herself! She obviously has supervision for bath time, but likes to tell us she can do it all by herself now. 

Day 943: Pizza Day!

Madison had her first pizza lunch at school today. She was pretty excited. 

Here is a guest blog from Nana:

” Madison had a great day at school. Today was pizza lunch, she didn’t like the pepperoni so just took it off, she loved playing in the sand outdoors at recess with all the sand toys and she said she used her canes all day. She ate a snack as soon as she got in the car and had a big drink of water then fell asleep during the drive to VV. She did not want to wake up, did not want to see Stephanie, only wanted her Mama. So I bribed her, we walked in, got some popcorn and freezing cold water. She ate a bunch then after a slow start with Stephanie did great work. Amazing walking, stepping up and down on different levels, climbing in and out of the ball pit, crouches, walking up the stairs holding onto the wall. Stephanie was really working her on walking slowly, trying to take longer strides and trying to get her full foot flat on the ground.”

Day 942: Picture Day!

Madison had her first school picture day today. She was pretty excited. She wore a pink tunic shirt and jeans with her favourite pink sparkle hair clips. She was also excited for school because it was library day. They read a book as a class and she did her book selection for the week: A Lalaloopsy book. She ate lunch with her friend Nora, played outside with Marcus and used her canes in the classroom for most of the day. 

After school Nana picked her up and they had some downtime at the house and some snacks and then headed to ballet. She loved seeing her friends Evelyn and Sofia and had a great class!

Day 941: Fire Drill!

Madi had her first fire drill at school this morning. She talked about it non stop at the end of the day because she was so interested. She lined up with her class and walked outside and then back in and talked about Fire safety. Her favourite activity in gym class today was bowling and she loved playing Candy Land in aftercare. The letter she worked on today in her language centre was “s”.

After school Madi went to Neurochangers to do some walking. She was tired from school but they did an excellent job trying to keep her engaged so that she could do most of the activity and not need as much assistance. 

After a snack and a break, Madi headed to see Jo-Anne. A new exercise they did today was trying to walk between narrow pieces of wood. This helps her develop a narrower walking pattern with more emphasis on the forward motion of the step to avoid the side to side stepping. 

Day 940: Back in the pool

Madi and Mommy were at the pool bright and early this morning. Mommy was coaching and Madi had a lesson with Ryan and Patricia. Ryan will continue to focus on learning body awareness, alignment, kicking etc with Madison while Patricia will focus on exercising in the water with water jogging and walking around. Madi used her new water vest for the first time today and it went great!

While Mommy finished up coaching, Madi spent some time with Nana and Papa.

Their afternoon was spent at a shower celebrating baby D’Souza who will be on the way in a few short months.

Madi and Jack then went to Deer Creek for a golf tournament fundraiser for their Buddy Cruz! It was a big success! They can be found on Go Fund Me if you are interested in donating. 

Day 939: Party Day! 

Madison was thrilled to celebrate her birthday today with so many of her friends. Her party was at an indoor play place that had a little something for everyone. We are so grateful that Madison has so many buddies in her life that make her smile and feel so special. Thanks for a great day!




After some quiet time at home, Madi &Jack  went to Nates house to keep the celebrations going.​