Day 1,062: First Sleepover!

Madi and Jack had a great day visiting Papa who is home from the hospital- they even helped him do some physio!

Madi then headed to the Village for some work with Stephanie. She did some good walking and worked on her single point canes for a bit.

Madi and Jack were thrilled to have Nate over tonight for their first sleepover! They played lots, had dinner, ran around the basement, read lots and lots of books and then eventually passed out.

Day 1,061: Valentines Catch Up

Things have been busier then normal this last week, so we apologize for not posting in a while. We are hoping after the long weekend we can get back on track with Life and regular updates for all our loyal followers.

Earlier this week Madison had the opportunity to work with Janet Dunn from Swimming Canada. She visits a few times a year to check on the progress from the little para swimmers and help Madison’s instructors plan for next steps.

Madison and Jack also celebrated little Sophia’s 1st Birthday!

Madi had two hours of training with Jo-Anne and her team

Jack loved Pancake Tuesday!

Madison helped launch Variety Village’s fundraising campaign for Valentines Day

The Olympic spirit is strong in this one!

We had Madi’s first IEP review at school. 8 people sat around a table to plan for Madison’s School supports and goals. The areas focused on were safety, gross motor, fine motor, life skills, mobility & orientation and social interaction. Everyone was on the same page and we were able to have a big contribution to what was reflected on the report. Overall it was a great review.

In other news…Papa is home! He is doing well and Madison and Jack have been very happy to FaceTime with him daily and will be seeing him this weekend. Thank you to everyone for all of your supporting messages and for all of your help!

Madison received her first Ash Wednesday Ashes at school today. She was thrilled to show everyone.

The kids loved celebrating Valentine’s Day. Thanks everyone for all the gifts!

Day 1,060: Catch Up

The kids have had a great few days. Thanks for everyone’s help while we have been focusing on Papa and his recovery!

Madison is super excited for the start of the Olympics! Here is Madison cheering for Canada 4 years ago, Sochi 2014

Keep working hard Papa….only 24 hours since your surgery and you are rocking recovery!

Day 1,059: New AFO’s

Madi went for a visit to see Eric after school today. She is 9 months post op and has already grown out of her AFO’s from St Louis. Eric figured out a way to create an inset that can be used in her AFO’s and SMO’s – so clever! After much thought and debate, she will be mostly using her solid AFO’s to develop her walking and use her SMO’s to develop strength. We will not have a hinge on her AFO at this time due to her crouch in her gait. She also has heel wedges in her shoes to help her balance shift forward. She loves the new pattern….pink Blue Jays logos on her AFO’s and also the straps! Thanks Eric!!!

Day 1,058: Jack Is Two!

Happy 2nd Birthday to Jack!

Madi had a great weekend celebrating our special little guy. Jack was thrilled to eat cake, open presents – but most of all – go to the Aquarium… he LOVED it!!!!

Thank you everyone who sent kind messages and have wished Jack well on his special day! He is our sweet little man – it’s been amazing watching him grow and seeing the relationship that Jack and Madison have formed over the past two years – they are so loving and special to one another.

Happy 2nd Birthday Jack – We love you!

Day 1,056: Cruz On Ice

Madison and Jack had a blast at the Cruz on Ice Fundraiser tonight in support of their friend Cruz who is 6 weeks post op SDR surgery with Dr Park. The fundraiser was to support Cruz’s rehab Journey now that his surgery is complete. A big thank you to The Ultimate Leafs Fan, Mike Wilson and his wife Deb for stepping up to the plate again to help such a deserving little boy. Thank you to all friends and family who continue to support Madison and her amazing warrior friends.