Day 1,118: Getting Surgery Ready

Madi continued to work hard at Smile today. She started strong but then had a rough finish. She is having a tough time lately being able to regulate her emotions. Sometimes it has been coming through during therapy which tends to derail things. We will continue pushing forward and teaching her the language to express herself and giving her the tools to help herself when she spirals. She has been asking about CP a lot lately. She asks almost everyone now how old they were when they first walked all by them self and she is questioning why her friends from school don’t do therapy like she does. We are trying to keep conversations open as she continues to try and understand the hand that she has been dealt.



After her sessions at Smile, Madi headed to see Eric her orthotist. One of the requirements after her PERCS surgery is to wear tall, solid AFO’s for 6 weeks after surgery to help her muscles be stable while she heals. Madi had hers fixed up today so they would fit her better. They were also prepared to be hinged once the 6 weeks post op is complete to help her transition back to her SMO’s.


Day 1,117: Catch Up!

We have had a busy week with lots going on and lots to share!

A week in review:

Jack saw his first movie at the theatre


Madison has been working hard on her printing.



Madi loves her new horse Axel


Jack likes playing contact scooter hockey


The kids had a blast at Centre Island


Mommy is loving being back on the rugby field


Jack is learning new skills at soccer


Welcome the newest member of our family…Rusty!


Our new accessible entrance


Madi learning double arm back crawl at Variety Village and more soccer!

Madi started an intensive course at Smile today. She hasent been in about 3 months due to scheduling and work so it was nice to be back. She worked hard and had some fun.



DAY 1,116: Tape Queen!

Madi and Jack kicked off their day in the pool while the steps at the front of the house were ripped out for an accessible entrance. It should take about a week and will be great for Madison to get in and out of the house on her own.


Madison had a nice visit with Shannon this afternoon who taped her up to help with her tight hamstrings and quads. Look at those flat feet! Thanks Shannon!


After a nice massage Madi was on the road to Train Like Heroes for a session with Mike. She rocked it! They targeted her collapsing knees and balance skills and had lots of fun while working hard. Thanks Mike!





Day 1,115: Wacky Wednesday

I usually pride myself on my scheduling abilities and being able to manage multiple calendars, over 10 different therapists, Camps, daycare, activities, coaching, work schedules etc etc…. but I don’t know what I was thinking when today’s schedule was made… clearly I was either sleep deprived, on another planet or someone highjacked our weekly planner… so this is how our Wacky Wednesday went down…

8:00-9:00 – Physio with Stephanie

Madi & Stephanie have been doing a lot of work with the FES machine to build strength particularly in her left leg and trying to keep that heel down when walking. Madi’s new love is Where’s Waldo so that helped her get through.



9:45-10:30 – Eye appointment

Madison had her yearly check up today and all is well with her eyes. Her script is still the same and no patching is necessary. She was thrilled to not have to get eye drops. She will continue to wear her glasses from morning to night.


11:00 – 3:00 – Conductive Education Camp

Madison continued with her camp at March of Dimes today with her buddy Cruz. The two are enjoying the construction theme this week and are practicing lots of walking!


Last of the day! – Riding Lesson

Madison started her summer riding lessons this afternoon and is now doing a semi-private lesson with her horse Axel. She liked weaving in and out of the pilons to place on some rings and they played red light green light with the horses.


Jack had a much more relaxed day with his friends and enjoyed Water Wednesday! He said his favourite part of the day was smashing water balloons into the grass!




Day 1,113: Schools Out!

Madison has finished JK and is ready for the summer!


Madi spent her first day of summer getting her bike fixed and then going to do some work with Stephanie. She did a great job building strength using the FES machine. Setting 20 for 20 minutes!




At the end of the day, Madi & Jack made another trip up to Dog Tales. This time they were asked to be on the set for the Dog Tales reality show being filmed, highlighting the amazing facility and their adoption process. The show is currently on The Bell Chanel, Gusto. No matches this time but it was wonderful to see the room being sponsored by members of our extended family.


We can’t  believe we made it through this School year! Going back to work, Madison starting school and keeping up with appointments and therapies was one of the hardest things we’ve done. We couldn’t have managed without everyone’s help- thank you to so many of our family and friends for helping us survive!