Day 914: New Confidence

Madi & Jack ventured out to Oakville today to wish cousin Abi good luck and farewell as she heads off to her first year of University. It was really nice visiting with family and having a nice meal. Good luck Abi!

Tonight Madi practiced her walking with no one spotting her. In the past she has been dependant on people staying behind her to catch her when she falls. She was very scared of falling. She now has a new confidence and desire to do things herself. We laid cushions on the floor and followed her with a cushion but did not catch her – she is learning to trust in herself when she gets off balance and to lean forwards, put her hands out, bend her knees and try to have a controlled fall.


Day 913: Project Day

Madi and Jack had a great morning playing with Pam and Medford while Mommy and Daddy went with family to remember a great man. The kids played with magnets and connecting toys, listened and danced to music – they had a great morning.

The rest of the day was spent doing various projects around the house to get ready for back to school. Madi and Jack were very helpful by passing Daddy different tools or helping clean up and organize. A big change is the front entrance that will hopefully be finished tomorrow. Madi and Jack will have their own area to sit down to put on shoes and jackets, organize their stuff and make getting out the door in the morning when school starts a smooth process. 

Day 912: Family Friday!

Madi had an early Physio session this morning with Stephanie before camp and did great! She worked on weight transferring for walking, stepping over objects and used her new Spio compression vest that just arrived. Her walking is really progressing!

One of the best email’s arrived in our inbox this morning…Madi’s CE Instructor Monika emailed to say that Madison walked 42 steps at camp this morning!!!!! 

Madi then spent the rest of her day with Janine, Suzanne & Stephanie! They had some lunch and a Popsicle and hung out by the pool. They then visited Great Grandma Gregoire and Pebbles the parrot. She had a great day!

Day 911: G – EO SYSTEM

Madi had a great morning at CE camp. She did LOTS of walking with Monika! 21 steps! She also did some work standing and working with her hands at the same time – her activity of choice was shooting Monika with a water gun while trying to stand on her own. 

After some lunch Madi headed to work with Jo-Anne. They did some work on trying to increase the length of her forward step by walking in boxes. They also worked on safe ways to fall now that Madi is trying to walk more on her own. Madi also practiced walking with a back pack on her back to help activate and bring awareness to her upper back muscles and posture. 

When Madi was two years old we had heard of a type of treadmill system that helps with gait training. At the time Madi was too small to access it. Now that she is bigger we visited today to get fitted to see if she would be ready and she just fit! Madi will have her assessment next week and then will start 2 times a week for 30 minutes. She LOVED it and can’t wait to go back! 

Here is some more info from Aim2Walk’s site:


NeuroChangers Durham added a new piece of innovative technology to their clinic. Reha’s G-EO system is an advanced robotic-assisted device in gait rehabilitation. The device maximizes functional clinical outcomes for adult and pediatric patients with various neurological impairments. The addition of this advanced robotic technology puts NeuroChangers among the leaders in rehabilitation of lower extremity neurological movement disorders. The centre is humbled to be the first clinic in Ontario to offer this type of therapy and the only private clinic in Ontario to offer pediatric gait training.

The G-EO System is the only device that offers the unique feature of realistically simulating climbing stairs. Developed with the purpose to help stroke survivors regain their ability to walk and their independence in daily living, the G-EO System has shown excellent results in multiple applications, such as infantile cerebral palsy (ICP), spinal cord injuries (SCI), traumatic brain injuries (TBI), Parkinson’s, amputees, orthopedic and traumatic cases.

Day 910: Casting Day

Madi & Daddy were out the door bright and early for Physio with Stephanie. We wanted to change things up and bring Madi to Stephanie when she was fresh in the morning instead of at the end of a long day. Madi did a great job and loved showing Daddy what she has been working on. They were impressed with the amount of independent steps she was taking and how much smoother her transitions looked.

Once Physio was over, Daddy took Madi to her conductive education camp at March of Dimes. She worked with her canes a lot today and loved shooting Monica with a water gun!

After camp, Madi headed to see her orthotist Eric. He was able to make the final adjustments to her AFO’s, fit her SMO’s and then do serial casting. Madi’s last round of casting was in St Louis, 1 week after her surgery which was just over 3 months ago. Madi just went through a big growth spurt and her left heel has been having a hard time stretching past neutral position so it was time to give it some help. She was so brave during the casting and just played with her toys – it didn’t bother her at all. Her left foot measured +5 where her right foot measured +15, so there was a 10 degree difference between both feet. We are hoping to get her left a little closer to her right measurements. She will have the cast removed in a week and then we will decide if it should go back on or not for another week depending on where it measures.

It’s so nice when you can see Madi’s therapy work transfer to her daily play. We are often finding Madison sitting now in side sit, long sit or crossed legs instead of the dreaded ‘W’ sit. She is getting much stronger in these positions which is great to see.

A special announcement from Madison to all her SDR friends:

The Mike Gregoire Memorial Golf Tournament is pleased to announce a funding opportunity for children who have had SDR at the St Louis Children’s Hospital and are now in post op therapies.
We understand the effort, time and financial demand the surgery has on families and we would like to help with some of the rehab costs once families return from St Louis. 
Different therapies work for different kids, so we want to hear from you on how being chosen as a recipient of funds from the tournament will help your CP warrior with their rehab program.
Tournament Details:
Sunday October 1st, 2017

Deer Creek Golf Club

Golf, Dinner & Silent Auction
Any child who has already had SDR with Dr Park at The St Louis Children’s Hospital, currently living in Ontario.

Funding Opportunity:
Selection made by the Golf Tournament Committee members. 

How to apply:
Please send a 1 minute video of yourself and your warrior explaining how this potential funding opportunity will help you in your rehab journey.

Please send videos by Sunday September 10th to:

The committee will announce the successful recipients before the date of the golf tournament 
Giving Back:
We have been contacted by some families asking if they can be a part of Madi Moves initiatives in helping other families with their fundraising goals, once they have met or exceeded their own fundraising goals. 

Here is your chance!
Ways you can give back:

*make a donation to Madi Moves or the tournament web page to contribute towards funds being distributed to other families 
*attend the golf tournament or dinner to show your support for the SDR community
*make a silent auction or door prize donation
*volunteer your time on the day of the tournament 
If you have any questions please feel free to send us a private message 

Day 909: Back at Camp!

Madi was thrilled to be back at camp today. She loved their water play outside and did a great job with her walking. 

After camp she went home for some lunch and relaxed in her room on her iPad. She is wearing her glasses for most of the day now and always reaches for them when she is on her iPad, reading books, colouring or playing on the floor. It’s so interesting to watch her reading progress now that she has glasses. 

After some down time she headed to Judy’s for an ABM session. They worked on floor transitions, increasing her trunk rotation, range in her hips and flat feet on the floor when walking barefoot.

Madi’s day ended with a cool off with Emily in her pool. She did some water jogging, diving for toys and kicking around. Thanks Emily for a great end to her day! 


Day 908: Monday Madness!

Madi started her day with a bang! We are starting to see her skills in therapy transfer into new confidence for moving around the house. Today after getting dressed in bed, she sat up, stood up and took some steps towards her brother who stole her iPad. For most, the morning routine of getting out of bed and ready for the day takes no thought or energy, but for Madi – this new independence and confidence is a first of many new firsts to come.

Madi had a very busy day today. Lots of appointments and therapies – but all very beneficial and helping her to continue moving forwards. 

Madi met with her orthotist Eric who helped fix up her AFO’s. He narrowed the ankle pocket and added a pad to help Madi’s heel stop slipping out. He also sized her SMO’s and planned for her next round of serial casting that will be this Wednesday. 

Next up was riding. Madi did a lot of core work by lying down on her back and sitting up several times. She enjoyed walking around the ring that hasent been used that much this summer because of all the rain.

After some lunch, Madi headed to VV to do some PT with Claire! Their focus today was all core and hip strengthening. Lots of kneeling activities, sitting to stands, stand ups from the floor, deep hamstring stretches and work on the Physio ball. Madi did awesome – she worked every minute!

Madi had a relaxing end to her day visiting with Shannon for a massage. Shannon was able to help Madi’s feet sink right down to the floor by working on her calf muscles and then achilles. They also did some core work together and Madi was walking great after!