Day 1,113: Schools Out!

Madison has finished JK and is ready for the summer!


Madi spent her first day of summer getting her bike fixed and then going to do some work with Stephanie. She did a great job building strength using the FES machine. Setting 20 for 20 minutes!




At the end of the day, Madi & Jack made another trip up to Dog Tales. This time they were asked to be on the set for the Dog Tales reality show being filmed, highlighting the amazing facility and their adoption process. The show is currently on The Bell Chanel, Gusto. No matches this time but it was wonderful to see the room being sponsored by members of our extended family.


We can’t  believe we made it through this School year! Going back to work, Madison starting school and keeping up with appointments and therapies was one of the hardest things we’ve done. We couldn’t have managed without everyone’s help- thank you to so many of our family and friends for helping us survive!

Day 1,110: Stitches Out!

Madison went to the dentist today to check on the damage from her fall. She had two X-rays done and the dentist checked out her top two teeth. They are both wiggly but it was decided to leave them for another couple of weeks and see how they heal and then do another set of X-rays.

Madison and JAck also went to see their family doctor tonight for a check up. They both weigh the same! Madison received her 4year shots and then ended up getting her stitches out from her chin because she healed so fast! Jack did great and both got a popsicle when they were done.


Madison has started attempting to leave her walker at home. She has been nervous about walking and not that confident so this has been a big step for her. She has discovered that she likes trying to walk using one cane while holding someone’s hand. Madi is in the process of planning her own party – her “bye bye walker” party will take place very soon.

DAY 1,109: Catch Up!

Visiting with a wonderful family!


New skills!

Loving our afternoons with Sassy in the country!

Weekend down time in the backyard

Happy Birthday Daddy & Aunt Emily!


A nasty fall… but she’s ok!


Celebrating the bride to be!


Swimming fun!

Happy to be going back to school this morning


Jack and Nana had a great day together… Oshawa Zoo, a haircut and out for lunch!




Day 1,105: TGIF!!

Madi had a great day at school battling the heat with popsicles and making an Eco bird feeder!


After School she headed to Train Like Heroes for a session with Mike. With her PERCS surgery coming up this summer, they are focusing on building up her leg muscles to help with her recovery. They also did a killer set of just over 60 push ups, wall sits and leg lifts. She did an awesome job!



When Madi & Jack got home they waited patiently for the ice cream truck – Jack is in love with the idea of popsicles and ice cream being delivered to your front door! There’s no better way to beat the heat.