Day 803: Welcome Aunt Emily!

Madi & Jack were super happy to see Aunt Emily arrive after breakfast this morning. She will be spending the next three weeks  in St Louis to be along side Madi in her big adventure!

 While everyone was getting settled and organized for the day, Madi did some stretching.

It was then time to explore St Louis in the rain so everyone headed to the Magic House! It was recommended for Madi to frequent there while trying to get back on her feet after surgery, so we wanted her to check it out and feel comfortable so when taking her back for some PT she will hopefully be motivated. Everyone had a blast and Madi already wants to go back. 

For dinner everyone checked out Union Station and had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. 

One thought on “Day 803: Welcome Aunt Emily!”

  1. So wonderful that family are able to be with you on this journey for support and keeping things “normal” for the kids!!!! I am again asking myself why Toronto doesn’t have a Children’s Museum…..that Magic House is amazing and will be such a wonderful place to use after the surgery. It’s every kid’s (and preschool worker’s) dream!!!!


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