Day 1,091: WTW Wrap Up

Madi just completed her second course with Mike from Walk this Way. The focus this time around was much different – it was all about creating and maintaining long muscles, inhancing independent mobility & confidence in her canes and having some fun! Madi did awesome! She managed cupping and deep massage every day and worked on her attention and self awareness through different movements like standing and walking. We now have many tools and ideas of how to continue the work at home until the next time.



Day 1,090: New Canes!

Madi had a great session with Mike today. They did some more cupping & massage and then worked on her walking both in canes and independently. Another family suggested switching bases from her single point canes. Mike adjusted them today to fit a new base which Madi did very well with. They still provide her with good support but have more space for her to be able to kick through with her strides.



Madi then headed home to relax and then went for a bike ride with Papa. Madi got her fresh air time in and Papa got some good exercise!


Day 1,089: Grandview for the Win!

We have always felt very fortunate to be a part of the Grandview family, and today was another example as to why. A Group of PT’s wanted to take advantage of the time that Mike Poole is spending in Toronto. They are in the process of creating their new protocol for SDR rehab and invited Mike to do a presentation for their thapists today. They also invited therapists from Bloorview who are currently developing their criteria for the provincial rehab program for the new SDR surgery being done at Sick Kids. Mike lead them through a formal presentation of what he and his team do all over the world and the priorities they need to be focusing on when kids are in rehab after the surgery. Once he completed the information portion, Madison attended to help demonstrate some of the components of his program. Madison was awesome! With a room full of people watching and asking questions and taking pictures she did everything she was asked and helped Mike go through different exercises.


As a parent, it was so exciting seeing our main treatment centre take such initiative to want to build their program and align with what is working elsewhere in the world. It was very exciting to watch! Good on you Grandview for thinking outside of the box and always trying to be better for the needs of the kids. Thanks Mike for helping them along the way!

Day 1,088: End of Week One

Madi’s feet and posture are looking really good. Mike and Madi have been working on lots of different balance exercises and trying to keep her heels down. They also worked on the pattern for walking with her single point canes.



Today Madi wrapped up her first week with Mike. They used today as a recovery day and did some more cupping and massage. Ryan even joined Madi to get some work done side by side. Madi is exhausted but her legs are feeling really good. Thanks for a great first week Mike!


DAY 1,087: Walk This Way Update

Madison has been busy the last few days. She is training with Mike Poole who is at Variety Village for the next three weeks. She had a tough first day, but has rebounded and is working hard towards her goals. It was impressive seeing her flat feet today and straight posture. Mike has noticed an improvement with her hip and core strength since his last visit. Weakness is still apparent in her ankles and will need lots of work. It’s going to be a great two weeks! Go Madi Go!




Day 1,086: Back at VV

Madison was very happy to be back at VV with Stephanie today. They hadn’t worked with each other in over a month! They did lots and lots of walking, stretching and core work. Madison’s favourite game of the session was trying to guess the colour of ball to walk to by listening to Mommy spell the different colours. Whenever Madison is cognitively engaged in an activity by spelling words, coming up with words that match letters in the alphabet, singing songs and rhymes or playing eye spy – she always relaxes with her walking and does the best steps and shows very good control and balance.


Day 1,085: Welcome Home!

Madison had an action packed day full of surprises. She was excited to see her friend Evelyn back at class today who just arrived home from her SDR surgery in St Louis. When it was time to leave Conductive Ed, Madison was thrilled to see Papa standing at the door to pick her up. Papa was discharged from the hospital today and dropped by with Janine to pick up Madison on his way home. Madison went to Visit with Nana & Papa who are both home now and on the road to recovery. Madison was very excited to show off her walking all afternoon at their house.


DAY 1,084: Busy Daddy/Daughter Day

Madi and Daddy had a busy day together. It started at Dr Wongs clinic to check in on her Nephrotic syndrome. Madison has been in remission for about 5 months and everything is still good. She will check back in with him again in a few months.

After her appointment Daddy dropped her at school. She was just in time for pizza lunch and outdoor recess! She had a great reading session and more books were sent home to practice.

Daddy picked up Madi after school and then headed to Grandview. Madi did a video interview about SDR from her perspective and Grandviews involvement with Dr Parks program. When asked what she can do now that she couldn’t before, she answered “gymnastics!”. They did lots of walking practice and finalized info for Madison’s new walker and canes that were ordered.


Day 1,083: A Bump In the Road

It was a crazy busy weekend… Madi & Jack had lots on the go, but we’re able to get lots done. Madison was able to visit with Shannon yesterday who helped us find some answers as to why Madison’s feet have been so sore- she has an unpleasant case of plantar fasciitis. Shannon walked us through how to stretch and massage Madison’s feet and gave us some ideas of things we can do to help Madison through the pain. Thanks Shannon! Hopefully this passes for Madison soon.

Today Madison worked with Claire at the house. They did some hamstring stretching to help Madison’s feet, worked on walking up and down stairs, worked on her standing balance to help her feel comfortable on her feet and practiced standing up from the floor.