Day 784: Fresh Air Fun!

Madi and Jack had a great time at WindReach Farm this afternoon. Jack visited with the horses while Madi had her lesson with Jorge. ​​​It was a beautiful day for a ride outside. Madi was thrilled and worked hard. 

The back trails are much harder to manage then the even ground inside the stables. That,combined with all the fresh air knocked Madi out for a few hours. 

After dinner, Madi headed to the Village for a swim with Ryan and Jessica. She was exceptionally stiff today, so the warm water and lots of water walking really helped.

Day 783: A Spoon Full of Sugar

Madison loves all things music and dancing. Ever since her class has been dancing during gym class, she has really found her rhythm. She was excited to go see Mary Poppins the musical today with Nana & Suzanne. The original plan was to stay until intermission as it was a 2.5 hour show…but she loved it so much she managed to watch the whole thing! Thank you Starlight Foundation for the tickets and continuing to provide kids like Madison with wonderful opportunities.

After the show Madison went out for dinner with Nana & Papa.

In between sessions at the swim meet, Mommy started packing for St Louis and getting all the gifts organized for all the wonderful people that are going to make Madison’s experience amazing. Almost at our two week countdown!

Day 782: Hidden Work

Helping most toddlers work towards a skill can be tricky, as we all know three is the new thirteen! Some days trying to work with Madison towards her goals takes a lot of patience and creativity. Here’s how we conquered some skill development today:

Madison LOVES Peppa Pig and LOVES talking about hospitals and doctors. No better way to pass some time reading, reading and reading some more “Peppa Goes To The Hospital” while trying to use the potty. Thanks for the book Nicole!

Dorsiflexion exercises consisted of painting toe nails and trying to wiggle her toes and flex her feet to help the nail polish dry.

Some OT skill work also happened today by making sure all her cousins had Easter cards for next weekend. Card making is serious business. 

Oh no! We ran out of glue and glitter for the cards! Time to hop on the bike and ride for an hour to the closest dollar store to stock up and pick up things on the “to do ” list for St Louis!

Madi worked her butt off today and had a blast doing it! 

Day 781: Revisiting Milestones 

LOVE catching Jack with a book! He does this all the time now. He wonders into Madison’s room, grabs a book from her shelf, wonders to another room in the house & then sits down to flip through it a few times.

Jack also has a love for basketball. He played in the gym at Variety Village for an hour shooting at the net while Madi had Physio.

Madison and Stephanie revisited ground transitions today, a “typical” milestone for an infant that Madison has been continuously working on for a few years. Although she has found ways to be functional with different sitting positions on the floor, today they practiced transitioning from kneeling- to side sit- to sitting with legs crossed…a skill that she can use daily during circle time in her classroom and in kindergarten in September. 

Day 780: Water Relief

Madison had a great day with her aunts! She loves her computer time.

She’s obviously still recovering from her cold…even too sleepy to continue some computer fun

Madi and Ryan did lots of walking in the hot pool today to bring some relief to those stiff ankles and tight legs. We’ve discovered the perfect time slot when no one is there ! Private pool!

Madi’s friend Linda from Variety Village shared with us a blog written by a friend of hers. This entry highlights Madison and her love of her second home – Variety Village!

Blog about Madison – Link

Day 777: Go Away Germs!

Jack was up most of the night last night with a bad cold and some flu like action… Yuk… No one slept well, so when Madi woke up somewhat chipper this morning, Mommy was shocked.

Her day was going well…

And then it ended like this…good old towels on the pillow- don’t fail us now.

Poor kid can’t catch a break. We would like to apologize to Pams couch and floor that got the worst of it. Cross your fingers for a quick turn around. 

Day 776: Monkey See, Monkey Do

Jack LOVES his big sister and only wants to do whatever she is doing. Today’s Physio was outside to get some fresh air. We dusted off Madison’s old bike, Jack jumped on – and away we went for some outdoor exercise. 

While Jack had his afternoon nap, Madi helped Mommy tidy up and get things organized for the week. Mommy found Madi several times sitting and watching… It was totally fine because Mommy was so happy with this sitting… No ‘w’ sit!

Day 775: Saturday’s at V.V.

Mommy spent many mornings at V.V. as a kid and then as a young adult working, and now as a Mommy. Madison and Jack were up bright and early to go get some exercise. Madison had a gym class with Tiffany and Jack ran all over the place chasing his basketball. When class was done, Madi went for a workout around the track in her bike and then the two kiddos played and climbed together for a bit. 

Madi and Jack then went on an adventure to different stores to look for storage for their upcoming trip!