Day 1,032: Happy New Year!

Madi and Jack celebrated New Years with their cousin Nate. The three musketeers spent their day playing, snacking and skating on Nate’s rink! It was freezing, but they braved the cold to celebrate New Years like true Canadians…. on the ice surrounded by family and a warm fire. Thanks for the great party Nate!

As Madi counts down to 2018, she wants to thank everyone for all of your support this last year. 2017 was a year of blessings and new beginnings. We can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for our beautiful CP warrior and all the many possibilities ahead…thank you 2017, it’s been a blast!

Day 1,031: A New Record!

Madison was up bright and early to head to Neurochangers for some walking. She beat her record for the most stairs climbed by herself… 550 stairs in 12 minutes! Her watch has been such an awesome motivation for her.

After a great workout she went for a visit with Shannon for a nice leg massage. She felt great after!

Madi and Jacks favourite activity of choice right now is puzzles! They love to sort and figure them out together. Most of their afternoon was spent with all their new puzzles from Christmas.

Day 1,029: Counting Her Steps

Madison is loving her new activity tracker watch. She wore it for the first time today and was super motivated to be active all day long and walk as much as she could. Her day started bright and early at Neurochangers which helped her rack up almost 1,000 steps to start her day!

She then headed to see Dr Rummell for a follow up on her eyes. Everything with her glasses is looking good! We will go back again in July to see if patching is needed.

Jack and Nate had some boy time while Madi was at all her appointments. Paw Patrol and train sets makes for a good morning!

Later in the day Daddy arrived home with the new family companion….his name is Hank (temporary name) and he is 3 years old and is an English Bulldog mix. He has one eye and is possibly deaf, but is great with kids and cats and is a rescue from the Bancroft area. We have a few weeks to see if he’s a good fit, but so far so good.

Day 1,025: It’s a Christmas Miracle!

Papa broke out of the hospital… it’s a Christmas miracle!

We are blessed to have so many family and friends but it’s always tricky seeing everyone over the holidays. We decided this year to have an open house to be able to visit with those that we won’t see on Christmas. The kids had a blast playing in the basement, opening lots of presents, visiting with family and eating lots and lots of great food. Thanks to everyone who dropped by.

Madison walked around using her canes for most of the party…it’s so awesome watching her use them more and more to get off the ground when moving around the house. Merry Christmas!

Day 1,024: Happy Birthday Papa!

It’s wonderful being on holidays! The last few days have been very hectic for our family, so it’s nice knowing things are starting to slow down a bit.

Finishing the fall term of teaching, Madison finishing her first term of school and looking back over the last few months at all the work we have done towards Madison’s rehab feels very rewarding and a huge accomplishment. Thank you to everyone who helped out over the last few months….we adjusted and survived!

After school, Madison and Jack went to the hospital to visit Papa for his 65th birthday! Papa went to the hospital almost 1 week ago for issues with his blood pressure, and after many rounds of testing – they uncovered that his heart is blocked in multiple places and he will require triple bypass heart surgery in the new future. Madison liked checking out Papa’s hospital bed and they went for a walk to check out the floor. Thank you everyone for all your messages and kind words.

We will keep moving forward!

Day 1,023: Good Luck Cruz!

Madi had her last session at Neurochangers today before Christmas. She did a great job even though she was really tired. Most of her walking was done on “active assisted” which means that she had to initiate each and every step before the machine would do the work. This is much more difficult, but she is really making progress with it.

Madison is so excited for her buddy Cruz who will be having his SDR surgery with Dr Park tomorrow! Dr Park told Cruz he will be able to walk independently, run & jump! Good luck Cruz!

To help Cruz with his rehab costs, check out his GoFundMe link:

Link for Cruz!