Day 894: Ups & Downs

Madi had a day filled with highs and lows. Mommy wasn’t sure if a full moon was coming, possibly a reaction to her meds which lead to her being wired, a tired toddler or change in routine but Madi was a bit out of sorts this morning which lead to a few time outs and cancelling some things to stay home. 

After some rest and quiet/calm time in bed, Madi had some lunch and seemed more herself. She went to see Shannon which was very relaxing and soothing for her tired/sore muscles.

Once Madi was home and finished dinner, she wanted to work on her walking. Madi has been walking on high knees as her warm up before practicing her walking at home. This was very difficult for her to do before SDR. She could do just a few, very quickly before falling forwards. She is now controlled and much stronger.

Day 893: Floating Fishie

So proud of our little fish! Madi started swimming with Ryan when she was 18 months old.

Here is a pic from one of their first lessons together

 In the past 2 years she has become so comfortable and loves the water. Today she conquered two of her big goals – floating on her back & picking something up from the bottom! She can even walk for multiple steps touching the bottom with no help and loves front floats! We can’t wait to see what she learns next!




After some running around and getting things organized for the week, Nate visited for a play! The besties played in the backyard, had dinner and then bath and pj’s! Awesome summer nights!

Day 892: A Day of Play!

Madi loved cheering for Jack at his swim lesson this morning. He did some great kicking and was only fussy for the first few minutes.

Madi and Jack then went over to Bens house for the rest of the day. They played with all of Bens toys, had lots of yummy food, played with cool water balloons and checked out Bens new playground. Madi loves playing with her BFF!

Day 891: A Day At VV!

Madi had a lot of fun at camp this morning. She took 16 steps all by herself! She was in charge of teaching the calendar all by herself. Her favourite activity of the morning was making lemonade from scratch. She has all the steps memorized and would like to make some for anyone who would like to try a cup. She also had a blast throwing water balloons around outside while she practiced her standing. 

Madi and Jack spent the rest of their day at Variety Village with Nate and Uncle Mark. Madi loved having Nate join her Physio session and watch her walk. She had another amazing session with Stephanie doing lots of walking and did lots of practice trying to stand up from the floor all by herself. 


After some great Physio, the three musketeers went to the pool for a swim and then headed to the accessible playground for a snack and play!

Day 890: Potty Trained!

People ask all the time the changes that we see daily in Madison since having her SDR surgery. One big change has been her awareness for having to use the washroom. She had an understanding of what she had to do about a year ago, but never really caught on to the sensation and what to control. We are happy to report that she is now potty trained! She has been diaper free since Saturday with only one accident today. She is very proud of herself. She is doing pretty well at using the potty independently but needs help getting off and getting dressed. No diapers for swimming, for sleeping, for nothing! Conductive Ed camp has been a huge help with this – they have worked with her on it everyday since she started camp almost 4 weeks ago. Thanks Monika and team!

While Madi enjoyed her day at camp, Jack ran around like crazy at his My Gym class. Today’s skill he tried was a back tuck summersault! He giggled the whole time.

Madi had a great session with Jo-Anne this afternoon. She worked super hard and did her best to try each challenge. They climbed boxes to work on her external rotation, walked accross a tilting wooden board to work on shifting her weight while walking and walked up an inclined board to work on leaning forwards while walking. Thanks Jo-Anne!

Day 889: Lucky #3

Madi is almost 3 months post op! She worked through 3 different therapies today and she got stronger as she went. Mommy was so proud!

Her morning started at conductive Ed camp. She loves all the games and learning that they do while working on her gross motor goals. She LOVED playing Guess Who with Monika, so Mommy added it to the shopping list for later in the day. 

After camp Madi went to Variety Village for some Physio with Stephanie. Madi did some work in her walker with weights attached to the back to help her slow down and think about proper steps.  They worked on independent walking for almost 45 minutes! Madi took anywhere between 6-20 steps, took a small break and then kept going. Stephanie and Mommy had some tears watching Madi go. She finished her session doing some sets on the total gym. 

After a rest and play at home, Madi went to Grandview for Physio with Kate who did a re-assessment of post op goals. They went through some different exercises to assess where Madi is at and what the focus should be for the next 4 weeks. One activity that stood out the most to Mommy was Madi’s high kneeling. Madi could hold that position for only 2-3 seconds before surgery. Today she held it for over a minute and could have kept going but she got bored hahaha. She also was able to do some walking in tall kneeling which looked great!

It’s been a very long and busy couple of months, but days like today make every trip in the car, every appointment, every stretch and exercise completely 100% worth it!

Day 888: Backyard Adventures!

Madi had a fun morning at camp. They played parachute games, went outside and Madi said she we proud of herself with her walking. She then headed to see her trainer Melissa at VV while Mommy had a meeting. They did different activities around the track. Hunted for Peppa Pig characters while walking and side stepping and got a great workout!

Once Madi picked up Jack, they headed to Nates house for a play in the backyard. Everyone was very excited to try out Nates new bouncy castle! They jumped and climbed and Madi did a great job of trying to go up the stairs herself.