Day 489: Thanks Joe!

Madison had another great morning at March of Dimes. She took 5 independent steps! Madi and Mommy also played catch while Madison stood up the whole time!

Madison then went to WindReach to have her last spring session ride with Joe. They worked together in the outdoor ring for half the lesson and then went for a walk on the back trail. Madi’s friend Bonnie went to cheer her on. At the end of the lesson Joe gave Madison a special ribbon to congratulate her on the time they spent together and all that they accomplished. Madison can’t wait to keep learning with Joe this summer during their summer program.

At the end of her day, Madison visited a dance studio with Mommy, Nana and Jack. Madison attended a trial dance class for a summer dance program run by two OT’s who teach classes designed for children with special needs. She put on a pink boa and listened to different types of music while in her walker. Madison ended up being the youngest registered for the studio, and with the other program locations being so far away – Madison will continue looking for other options to learning how to dance in her walker. Jack loved the music and danced and screamed in Nana’s lap!

Before bed, Madison visited Pam and Medford to show them her ribbon from Joe and to deliver some mail. They cheered her on as she ran all over the place in her walker and they helped her put her new frog friend in the front garden.

On a sad note we no longer have space on the blog for photos or videos so we will try to figure out a solution hopefully in the next few days. 

Day 488: Bootcamp Tuesday

Madison worked so hard today – Mommy was so proud! This week is an “overlap” week of old programs ending and new ones starting which all happen within this one week, which equals very busy days for little Madison…today was especially busy, but in true Madison form she loved every minute and had a smile on her face all day. 

Before her day started, Madison dropped off Jack with Aunt Nadia and Nate. She was happy to see Nate to start off her day and they had a visit from the neighbourhood cat Cecil.

Her day started with her fun playgroup at March of Dimes! She did excellent walking with her canes and worked on various transitions throughout a super fun obstacle course.

She was then off to Grandview for every single therapy – PT, OT and Speech that they combined into a 2 hour session! Her speech therapist Christine followed Madison through various activities in both PT and OT to help her therapists incorporate ideas to increase her breath control for projecting her voice. She is clearer and has louder voice control when sitting down with her feet flat on the floor, legs at 90 degrees and sitting in a chair with a high back. When whole body movements are required (such as walking) her tone kicks in within her diaphragm and vocal cords which creates a smaller voice that can sometimes sounds cracked or raspy. We are being asked to praise Madison every single time she is able to project her voice. If she is too quiet or too loud we are being asked to give her immediate feedback using analogies of things she understands like animals. “What you just said was quiet like a little mouse… Can you make it louder like a lion” we are also going to start cueing her to take bigger breaths to help her with her volume.

Once she got home she had a super long nap and then played with Jack. In total Madison was in some sort of therapy for 4 hours today – and we are all super proud of her for every minute of them!

Day 487: Fun with New Friends!

Madison went to March of Dimes this morning for a group conductive ed class. She loved working on similar skills as some of her new friends. She practiced using her canes and worked on sitting and stretching and loved taking a break to eat a snack with her little buddies.

Madison spent her afternoon entertaining her brother and playing around the house. Mommy refused to pick her up to carry her places so Madison decided to use her outdoor walker inside the house which she was very proud of.

​​​Before dinner Madison and Emily worked on some skills in the basement and she got a good long stretch in.

While Madi had bath time and bed with Daddy, Mommy and Jack went to Lisa’s house for a meeting for the upcoming 5th Annual Mike Gregoire Memorial Golf Tournament. It’s only 104 days away! Through the generosity of the committee and family, Madison will be one of the recipients of the fundraising taking part in this years tournament! The website with golfer and dinner registeration information will be launched shortly…stay tuned!!! 

Day 486: Happy Father’s Day!

Madison had a great day celebrating her Dad, Papa and Uncle Mark! She went out for breakfast and then made a trip to the Oshawa Zoo! Other then the Mommy/Daddy fail for bringing the wrong walker (indoor silver was brought instead of outdoor mega wheels) it was a great day! Madison fed her little animal friends popcorn and raisins and wondered around with her cousin Nate. 

Spent the morning with Daddy in bed opening presents!


The Zoo!

Day 485: Lazy Saturday

Today was Madison’s first day of summer.  She slept in, had a yummy breakfast and then went to get a massage.

For many different reasons her legs have been stiffer then usual. Shannon did a great job on Madison’s legs. She observed that Madison’s hips, knees and ankles were very swollen and it felt like there were little marbles in her calf muscles. Madison was uncomfortable because of the stiffness but did a great job lying still for Shannon to work her magic. At the end, Shannon decided to tape Madison’s muscles around her knees and up the back of her hamstrings to take the pressure off her joints and to give her muscles a rest. We are going to try and leave the tape on for a few days.

Madison had a great nap after her massage and then spent the rest of the day roaming around the backyard and watching the Jays game.

Day 484: And That’s A Wrap!

And just like that, Madi is finished her first year of pre-school!

Today was Madison’s last day of school. They had a celebration with family and a graduation for her classmates who are off to kindergarten in the fall.

The celebration started with a video of photos taken all through the school year. It was amazing to see how much Madison and her friends have changed. After the video, the teachers did a special presentation for the graduates, followed by music circle. Nana and Uncle Barker joined Mommy, Daddy & Jack in the celebration. At the end Madison received her report card from her teachers, occupational therapist and physiotherapist with some excellent ideas for goals for the next school year.

Madison had a spectacular year at Centennial. Big moments/memories are: learning to use her walker, going up and down stairs by herself, sitting in a chair unsupported, learning over 20 songs, learning the alphabet, counting to 20, reading 5 sight words, recognizing and sorting all the names in her class, learning all colours & shapes, spelling her name, sorting objects biggest to smallest, drinking from an open cup, using a spoon and fork to feed herself and the start of potty training! 

All of her teachers and volunteers were truly amazing and we can easily say that this year was life changing for Madison and sending her to Centennial was the best decision! 

Madison will be returning to Centennial again in September for one final year in preparation for kindergarten. We can’t wait to see how much more she will flourish there next year!

​​​​After a busy morning and a super long nap, Madison visited with Pam and Medford to have a relaxing end to her day. They played with play dough, experimented with special lights in a jar of water and Madison taught Jack how to play and sing twinkle twinkle on the piano. 

Madison and Jack had a great time playing on the floor before bed. Madi is a wonderful big sister and loves to help Jack try new things like rolling over. 


This video was sent to us today. It is the conductive education video that was made to raise awareness about the good work March of Dimes is doing.