Day 513: Adventures on the Playground

Madi’s favourite activity of the day was playing at the park. Now that she is more confident and has figured out how to climb and slide and move in between – she loves going! The more she has been around other ‘typical kids’ the more brave and more risk taking she has done. Today she saw a little girl climbing the outside of the structure and hanging from bars and Madi shouted “I want to do that!” So Madi hanged on the bars for the first time and Mommy was able to let go! It was so much fun and the best long body stretch! When she is at the playground her face always beams with pure joy! 


Day 512: Off -Roading 

Madison practiced using her new walker outside today. Daddy is going to have to make some adjustments and add weights to the back as Madi was zooming all over the neighbourhood. Mommy couldn’t keep up and thankfully Madi avoided many falls with Mommy’s quick hands. Ultimately Madi is going to use her red flux walker full time. This blue walker that she got from “For the Needy Not the Greedy” is going to help her become more comfortable with the front swivel wheels without worrying about the weight of the flux walker for now. 

Madi took several rests to supervise Medford as he was fixing his car.

Jack and Daddy had a low key morning on the couch 

Madi was spotted in the Toronto Star this week. They featured an article about the conductive ed camps at March of Dimes this summer. Check out the article online with the date of July 28th in the Greater Toronto section if you want to read more about it. 

Family Road Trip Day 3

Madison and Jack had a great sleep-in this morning followed by a yummy breakfast. Everyone then headed to the Butterfly Conservatory! It was beautiful! There were butterflies everywhere! Madison loved watching them fly around, eat from pieces of fruit and see them land on people. When they landed on her, she was not too sure and a little scared so she enjoyed watching them from a far. 

​After a visit with the butterflies everyone headed for lunch and some shopping at the outlets! Madison had a growth spurt this past week and all of her shoe options were snug, so Mommy found her some new runners and crocs that are the perfect support for her. 

Madison and Jack had an amazing time in Niagara Falls! It was nice trying new things, spend time with family and have no doctor or therapy appointments or anywhere to be- just family fun! 

Day 510: Family Road Trip Day 2

Madison was super excited to be in her own big girl bed at the hotel…. So excited that she didn’t get much sleep so she met up with everyone for a late breakfast.

When she was all done her pile of bacon, her & Jack and the crew walked to the boat to see the falls. She loved seeing all the water, all the boats, people going all over the place on zip lines and helicopter’s – but she was not a big fan of the mist and water being sprayed all over her. 

After a great time on the boat, everyone headed to the Rainforest Cafe for some lunch. Madison didn’t quite make it – she ended up sleeping in the stroller for about an hour and then woke up to the sounds of an arcade and a thunderstorm in the restaurant.

After lunch- Mommy, Daddy and Madi headed to a local warehouse for a special shopping trip. Madi checked out a place called “For the Needy – Not the Greedy” They are a non- profit organization that collect used medical equipment and assistive mobility devices for both children and adults. Madison found herself a blue walker that she is going to use to practice her walking for the flux walker that she owns. The amazing thing is that the equipment for children is no charge. It is all donated from families who no longer need equipment.

When Madi got back to the hotel it was time to go see the birds at bird kingdom. She was super excited!

It was then time to head to a special dinner that Nana and Papa arranged at the Skylon Tower! The food was amazing and the views were beautiful! 

After dinner, Madison headed for a late night swim to help relax her feet and legs that have been acting up lately and very sore. 

Day 509: Family Road Trip!

Madison and Jack woke up nice and early and hit the road for their first road trip as a family of 4! Madison was excited to go on a mini vacation with Nana, Papa, Uncle Mark, Aunt Nadia and Nate! On the way to Niagara Falls everyone stopped off for a lunch theatre show called “Oh Canada Eh!” The family style food was delicious and all three kids loved the music and dancing. Papa loved the Canadian trivia and everyone loved all the Canadian music being played. 

After lunch everyone checked into the hotel, had some quiet time and then it was time to walk to the falls. The kids loved seeing all the water and all the lights and interesting places up and down Clifton Hill. Madison loved the pink lights on the falls and can’t wait for more excitement tomorrow!

Day 508: Jack Update

Madison had a pretty relaxed day to recover from her cold. She got up nice and early and headed to Pam and Medfords for breakfast. She was very lucky to have eggs, fruit, bacon and toast. She had a wonderful time – thank you Pam and Medford! 

Later in the day Madi and Jack met up with Nate for a visit to the local fire station. They learned about fire safety, toured around and saw the equipment and checked out the fire truck. Madi’s favourite part was spraying the fire hose.

​After a marathon of a nap Madi and Jack went to cheer Mommy on at softball. Her cold is starting to clear up and her tone is starting to calm down a bit. 


Jack Update:

Jack is 6 months old next week. He weighs about 20 pounds, is sleeping well, is wearing 12 month clothing, loves tummy time and playing with his sister and loves to eat cereal, carrots, bananas, peas, squash and sweet potatoes. 

He is doing really well battling his torticollis. He responds really well to massage and chiro but HATES the stretches Mommy has to do on his neck muscles. 

Jack was assessed this morning for a thermoplastic molded helmet. After all his positional therapy and stretches, his head shape is still flat and he is at risk for his skull not closing up properly by the time he is one. They scanned his head to get a digital image of his skull on the computer and with those numbers they determine where on the severity scale he lies. 1 is somewhat normal and a 5 is severe. Poor Jack is a level 5, so the measurements were done, the helmet is ordered and follow up appointments booked. He should receive his helmet in 2 weeks and then he will have appointments every 2 weeks until he is one. The helmet has to be worn 22 hours a day. The orthotist designing the helmet also does Madi’s AFO’s and is using her Blue Jays design as inspiration. Stay tuned…

Day 507: A Hot Visit With Joe

Madi is a bit under the weather with a cold. After a full morning of lounging she got some fresh air at WindReach during her session with Joe. It was scorching hot! The ride was a bit shorter today because of the heat, but she loved her visit and her ride on the back trail. She was happy to see Pam and Medford who watched her ride and then visit with Joe after to give him his carrot. Madi worked again on taking deep breaths to project her voice with her commands and she practiced keeping her posture tall while taking her hands off. Her confidence has really improved.


Madison and Jack spent some time with Nana later in the day while Mommy got some things done and some more forms mailed. The amount of paperwork and forms that need to be done to provide support for a child with special needs is absolutely insane! It could be a full time job! Uncle Mark also wrote an amazing letter to a local foundation requesting support for Madison for a special home project…more details coming soon…thanks Uncle Mark!

Madison finished her day with a visit with Emily. They worked on walking, stepping up and down stairs and did some good long stretching with her Gaitors and the Nada Chair. During her recent shopping trip to the States, Emily found the socks Madison uses with her AFO’s that have been discontinued here. Thanks Emily!!