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Day 1,197: Rainy Friday

Madison and Jack had a very relaxing day. Things were extra busy this past week so it was nice to slow down and spend most of the day playing, getting Easter ready and lounging in pyjamas.

Day 1,196: The Princess Ball

Today was the Princess Ball at The Liberty Grand! It’s an event organized by wishes for Olivia to raise money for The Children’s Wish Foundation. Madison was invited with her friend Taylor as VIP guests and they had an amazing afternoon!

Day 1,195: Saturday Smiles :)

Madison had so much to smile about today! Her day started with some exercising, dancing & swimming at Variety Village. She then spent her afternoon with her buddy Evelyn for some shopping, crafts, a dance party and dress up! It was a great Saturday!

Day 1,194: Celebrations

Madison had a great day of activity. Her day started with a fun morning at March of Dimes! After some lunch and colouring with Suzanne she headed to Variety Village. Madison has made the transition to most environments with just her canes or nothing, but the pool deck has been tricky for her. She gets…

Day 1,193: Reins With Sprinkles

Madison had a great riding lesson with Sprinkles today! They were working on guiding Sprinkles to turn using the reins. At one point, whatever Madison did or said, her horse started to run and they were all trying to keep up and hold on to Madison. She just laughed. The first two times around, Madison…

Day 1,192: Getting More Comfortable

Madison’s confidence is building and she is getting more comfortable walking outside and in places with lots of people. This afternoon at Variety Village she did great work with Melissa and then walked all the way out of the gym, through the lobby and out in the parking lot to the van.

Day 1,191: A Day With Dad

Madison had a busy day with her Dad. She started off her day at school and then got picked up and headed downtown. She went to a recording studio to record the sound bites for the upcoming Pizza Nova Day. On May 14th $1 from each medium pizza sold will go to Variety the Children’s…