Day 1,194: Celebrations

Madison had a great day of activity.

Her day started with a fun morning at March of Dimes! After some lunch and colouring with Suzanne she headed to Variety Village.

Madison has made the transition to most environments with just her canes or nothing, but the pool deck has been tricky for her. She gets nervous with the water on deck as she slips quite a bit. Today she decided to try her canes and she did great! She also tried to teach herself to walk backwards in the pool. After her swim she headed to the gym for a workout with Melissa!


After all her hard work it was time to celebrate her Flames teammate Aly who just broke a world record at Canadian Trials this past weekend. She will be swimming at the World Championships this summer and Madison is looking forward to watching and cheering her on.

Day 1,193: Reins With Sprinkles

Madison had a great riding lesson with Sprinkles today! They were working on guiding Sprinkles to turn using the reins. At one point, whatever Madison did or said, her horse started to run and they were all trying to keep up and hold on to Madison. She just laughed. The first two times around, Madison held on to the saddle, no more bike handlebars. Then for the rest of the time she used the reins with Pat stopping to explain things and show things along the way.


Day 1,191: A Day With Dad

Madison had a busy day with her Dad. She started off her day at school and then got picked up and headed downtown. She went to a recording studio to record the sound bites for the upcoming Pizza Nova Day. On May 14th $1 from each medium pizza sold will go to Variety the Children’s Charity. Madison and her fellow ambassador Callum did a great job!


Madison then headed to her orthotist to get her braces fixed – a bolt popped off at school yesterday so it needed repair asap.

It was then time to head to horseback riding with her horse Sprinkles! She loved showing her Dad how far she has come in her riding.