Day 794: Long Day

Madison had a great day, she worked hard and was ready for bed early tonight. She is fatiguing much faster lately and her cramping in her lower legs has been increasing each day. We are so happy to be on the road to St Louis in a few days and hope to leave these long, painful days behind us.

Madison went on a field trip with her class today to Lawblaws. They are learning about grocery stores this week. Madison’s job was to purchase the Popsicles for her classmates. She had a great time!

She also spent 3 hours at Conductive Ed this afternoon working hard. She is ready for Dr Park!

Daddy and Madi figured out a new way to get a full body stretch… Hang upside down!

Before bed, Madi helped Mommy with some packing. She wanted to pack up all her hair accessories to wear in St Louis. Mommy told her to only pick out a few things… This is what she chose hahaha at least it was a great fine motor activity clipping each and every bow to her bag haha.

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