Day 223: Back at it!

Madison had a great afternoon with her Aunts Suzanne and Janine. She had a big nap, ate some grilled cheese and went to March of Dimes for her new Conductive Ed class. She worked really hard with Monika doing free standing reaching for objects,  walking with ropes and walking using chairs. We are thrilled Madison will be going for classes every Wednesday until mid December!




Madison also cheered on the Jays as they clinched their division…in Madison’s words “Yay Blue Jays!”

Day 222: Working on other skills

There is so much that we love about Madison’s new school that it’s hard to highlight everything. We all work so hard on Madison’s physical skills that she is trying to develop, but we love how her school is also working hard on her cognitive learning skills like an average 2 year old. Madison has quiet time everyday for 15 minutes where she works 1:1 with her volunteer or teacher on different skills. Right now she is learning her numbers, colours and shapes. It’s so nice to read her home journal everyday when they share with us how much Madison loves to learn and how well she is doing.

On a totally seperate topic…we were thrilled to find out today that Madison’s upcoming botox shots were approved for coverage from our insurance company! ! Apparently it’s rare to have coverage so we were happy they accepted our doctors letter of recommendation.

Day 221: Walker Practice

Before dinner we convinced Madison to go for a walk in her walker. She has been using her school one more throughout the day so she hasn’t been too interested at night using hers. We told her she would see Pam on her walk so she decided to go. Her walking is getting alot better. She is also more confident in her walker turning around and walking on uneven ground.


Day 220: PJ Day!

After a super late night partying with family, Madison spent the day in her pj’s playing around the house with Carter & Stitch. She decided she wanted to race Carter around the house on her bike. With the help of Dada she did many laps. She can almost touch the pedals herself!


A reminder that the Mike Gregoire Memorial Golf Tournament is one week away! Thank you to everyone who has registered for either golf or dinner. The silent auction items are also looking really good. We are looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Day 219: Wedding Fun!

Madison had a fantastic time on Saturday celebrating at Andrew & Domenica’s wedding. She was very excited to wear her puffy princess dress. Mama has decided to stock up on tights as they can only be worn once because of the Velcro on her AFO’s. She loved playing in the church pews with Nate, side stepping back and forth and pointing at all the stain glass windows.

20150926_122609 20150926_123049 20150926_131948 20150926_133024 20150926_133158 20150926_133330_resized 20150926_133416

She sat in her first booster chair at the ceremony. She loved pointing and looking at all the different colours of lights and how they changed the look of the flowers. She ate lots! Pasta, cheese, apples, rice, chicken, potatoes, bread, veggies and the yummy chocolate ice cream dessert.

DSC_0106 DSC_0107 DSC_0108

We were all very grateful for the wedding donation to March of Dimes Conductive Education Program on behalf of all the guests that Andrew and Domenica made. Her favorite part of the night was dancing! She figured out that if she was held while standing on the ground she could rock side to side and clap her hands to the beat. She danced with Aunt Nadia, Uncle Mark and Nana & Papa. She loved it so much she partied until 11pm! Congratulations on a beautiful wedding Andrew & Domenica!

DSC_0112 DSC_0114 DSC_0116 DSC_0117 DSC_0120 DSC_0122 DSC_0129

Day 218: New Strategies

Madison has a mild obsession with her new baby doll to say the least. Mama and Dada have taken advantage of this obsession for therapy purposes. Madison makes the baby sit on the ground and then she will sit by herself on the ground. The baby is then put on its knees so Madison goes on her needs.  The baby stands tall on the ground so Madison tries to stand tall on the ground. Once the therapy session was finished Madison put her baby to bed and then decided she should go into bed with her baby too. She is loving her new baby and bed from Nana and Papa – and based on all the new things she has been doing since she got it –  Mama and Dada love it too!




Day 217: Dentist!

Madison had her first trip to the dentist this afternoon. She loved it the second she went in! They had a big fish tank, balloons, a treasure chest, tvs in the ceiling playing Tree house and lots of toys! She let the dentist tickle each tooth and look at all her teeth with a mirror. All teeth are looking good and no cavities! It was nice going to a “regular” appointment for once.  She was a pro!