Day 40: Guest post by Grandma Ambos

This morning Madison had a bit of a meltdown for her Dad so daycare was not an option. Off to Grandma Ambos’ she went.

Guest post by Grandma Ambos:

“We had a great day together. We went to No Frills to shop for our dinner. Madison held a cucumber while shopping and kept it all the way home. I was so excited that she did not drop the cucumber that we left the grocery store and walked all the way home with only the cucumber. Red faced I went back to get the rest of the groceries. Our cashier was smiling when we came back and had all our groceries packed up ready to go. I said I came back to complain, I just paid $29.00 for only a cucumber. Then we went for a walk around the block while Madison had a power nap. Madison enjoyed lunch of fruit, toast and baked beans, beans not so much. We then went to deliver the Bluff’s Monitor just like her Dad did when he was young. She then napped for 2 hours. For dinner she enjoyed Sheppard ‘s pie. Madison then played with cars and Grandpa  too. She didn’t play with Stanley today – he rolled in something yucky.”



Day 39: Surprise! ……Another trip to the doctors

Madison has been cutting some new teeth in the last couple days so she has been an extra pleasure to be around lol.


She usually gets a bit of a rash when she is teething, but this morning she woke up with quite the rash. Her daycare asked us to get it checked out to make sure it was nothing else…which meant…another trip to the doctors! After James dropped her off, he got the call, went back to pick her up, drove around Pickering for 45 minutes waiting for the walk in to open, got Timbits to entertain Madison, got her in to see a doctor,  got the letter from the doctor that she wasn’t contagious with anything and then dropped her back at daycare. An A+ for Madison for being such a trooper and an A+ for James for being flexible, understanding and a great Dad!

Day 38: New Hobby

Madison has discovered a new love that was introduced to her today by Stitch, our crazy cat. Bird watching! She spent a good chunk of time sitting on a chair in the kitchen looking out the window with Stitch, hunting together. Stitch hissed and Madi banged on the glass. They made a good team. Her bird watching was cute, but I was more impressed with her ability to sit on the chair with no back lol.




Madi also did some painting today for an Easter craft. She loves to smash the brush against the paper to see what happens with all the colours. She kept making the more sign with her hands to add more colours to the plate so she could scoop them out and add to the paper. Stay tuned for the final product.



Day 36: Guest Blog from Dadda!

Today’s blog is written by James:

Today is day 4 of 5 since Katherine has been in Texas and Madison and I began the day in true Madison fashion… at a doctors appointment. Yup, yet another follow up. Well, Madi is guilty of this one as she has proven to be a houdini and escape from her right AFO. Good news is Madison continues to receive compliments on her new hair do!
On behalf of Madi,  we thank everyone who has helped us over the past few days!
Madi and I will be happy to finally see Momma tomorrow!

Friday pic 2

Friday pic

Friday pic 3

Day 34: Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month

March is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month.

Thank you everyone for your love and support of Madison today. It’s amazing to see how many people think of her and are cheering for her! It warms my heart that she has so much love.

This picture of Madison was spread all over today. It was spotted on various social media such as Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy, CP Awareness USA, March of Dimes, Easter Seals, Three to Be, Variety Village, Grandview and friends and families pages. Madison received over 700 likes, shares, comments, views which means so much to James and I  that people have taken the time to be a part of her journey and spread awareness to others.


Here are pictures that different people posted today on different types of Social Media to spread the word about Cerebral Palsy Awareness and to show Madison love.


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Madison is a very lucky girl to have all of you amazing people in her life! Thank you!!