Day 798: JK School Visit

  1. Madison visited her kindergarten school today to meet with her rep from CCAC along with her PT & OT that have been assigned to her for JK. They wanted to assess the walking distance from her classroom to the playground, gym and library to determine which classroom and washroom would work best for her. They also measured her for a classroom chair and frame for the toilet. They decided on which classroom would be hers and also put a work order in to pave a ramp to exit the classroom onto the playground for recess. Madison was thrilled the bathroom sink was her height! Her team are good problem solvers and asked good questions. 

After the school visit, Madi headed to Shannon’s for a massage. She opened lots of gifts and had a nice visit to help loosen her up before having to sit in the car tomorrow for many hours. Thanks Shannon! 

Madi & Jack had dinner at Nate’s house to visit and help Mommy out by not having to cook. They played, had a yummy meal and opened lots of presents of different things for the hotel or to keep busy at the hospital. We will miss you Nate!

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