Madison had a great day spreading awareness about cerebral palsy by wearing her shirt and being her usual awesome self! For the first time yesterday and today she said the words cerebral palsy. What the words meant a year ago to us and what they mean today has changed. Madison has changed. That is what we are thankful for today in spreading our message. Because of all her amazing therapists, programs, family, friends and cheerleaders – she continues to progress and do things we only wished for last year on this day. Madison continues to amaze us and we thank everyone who continues to read and cheer Madison on. As she gets older and continues to be more aware of what cerebral palsy means to her and how it impacts her daily life – we want her to continue to see all the spectacular things she is capable of and all her amazing strengths and not focus on her challenges or hard days. Thank you for helping us spread Madison’s message and for showing her support and continuing to motivate us to keep doing what we are doing to give her the life that she deserves. Impossible is nothing! 


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