Day 399: New Chores

Madison spent her afternoon with Pam and Medford and had a great time. She had some lunch, played with her toy mouse and watched Carter play in the backyard. She also had some yummy Easter treats. Then they all skated along the sidewalk home.

Madison started one of her new house chores today. She is now helping give Stitch her dinner. Her job is to go into the pet cupboard, get Stitches container of food and then put some in Stitches bowl. It takes a lot of balance for her to try and put the food in the bowl without spilling it or falling over herself. She is not happy when Stitch tries to start eating before she is finished her task.

Madison wants to remind everyone that people in the U.S. and Canada celebrate Cerebral Pasly Awareness Day tomorrow by wearing green. Show some green love!

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