Day 403: Doctors Visit

Madison went to see her paediatrician today with Nana, Mommy and Jack. Her and Jack had their first appointment together. Jack got his 2 month shots and Madi – a full physical and a review of her therapies, nutrition and all of the above. Good news is that she has put on a small amount of weight since her 24 month check in but she still remains in the low end of the normal growth rage in the 15th percentile – a combination from being a preemie, having CP and being a picky eater. We will continue to tackle her eating habits and weight gain as her baby brother is quickly catching up with his non stop eating!


While Mommy and Jack had their turn with the Doctor, Nana and Madi played in the waiting room. Nana was approached by a little girl who had many questions about Madison. She wanted to know what her walker was, why she needed it and what was wrong with Madison. Nana did a great job answering for Madison who didn’t seem to be bothered by it at all. These types of conversations in social situations in the community are slowly starting to happen more often as Madison gets older – something that Mommy and Daddy are not really looking forward to but know it’s important for Madison to see how the adults in her life respond to certain questions so she knows for herself how she can choose to respond.Madison ended her day with some hard work and fun in the basement with Emily. Tonight’s favourite activity was threading beads to make bracelets and necklaces. This activity was fun and also targeted her fine motor goals she is working on at school right now as well as her coordination and balance by trying to stand while doing the activity. Thanks Aunt Nadia and Uncle Mark for the beading kit! 



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