Day 398: Riding Therapy!

Today Madison started her horseback riding therapy at WindReach Farm. When she got there she was a bit nervous. She went into the stalls and met her horse named Joe. He is an old horse – in his 20’s who was very sweet and calm. Madison instantly loved him and was then more relaxed. Her lesson started by mounting Joe on a tower in the riding ring. She worked with Joe for about half an hour. They walked in different patterns, stopped in front of mirrors so Madison could see herself on Joe and see her posture and they even blew bubbles while riding. She was then taught how to get Joe to start walking by saying ” walk on Joe” and how to get him to stop by saying “whoa”. She had no fear and was so confident and brave. Mommy was so proud of Madi and so was her friend Bonnie who came to watch and support Madison too! The riding will be really great for Madison’s core strength, to stretch out her inner thigh muscles and to work on weight shifting her balance side to side as the horse walks.

After her riding lesson, Madi spent her afternoon with the boys – Owen, Jack and Nate. While the two little ones napped on the couch, Nate and Madi played and played. Madi helped with soothers and changing diapers. It was a great play date!


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