Day 404: A Night at the Village

After a great afternoon of Big Sister duties, Madison was off to Variety Village for a night of fun!

Daddy and Madi spent some time together practicing in her walker through the halls while Mommy coached in the pool. Madison then had her turn in the pool for her lesson with Ryan. It was her first lesson back for the start of the spring session. They practiced different swim positions on the ramp and holding onto the bars. Ryan’s main goal this session is to get Madison more comfortable floating on her back by keeping her head back and her body relaxed. 

After her lesson with Ryan, Madison and her buddy Ruby played in the hot pool. Ruby helped Madison have a shower and get into her PJ’s to go home to bed. 

On her way out of the building, Madison stopped by court #3 in the field house to visit Aunt Nadia who was coaching volleyball. Her team remembered Madison from her visit to their tournament a few weeks ago and they all said hello. Madison watched their practice for a few minutes and then headed home. It was a great night in a place that is so special to Madison and the whole family. 


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