Day 402: Easter 2016 Day 2

Madison had a fantastic Easter! Her day started with an egg hunt around the house that led her to her basket full of goodies and a special teddy bear made from one of her preemie onesies. Daddy helped Madi collect the eggs by holding her basket for her. Madi tried her best to collect eggs in both hands but it was tricky on the stairs and other places her walker was not able to go. Mommy saw a great idea online today that she will try next year…. Tape or sticky tack eggs to the wall and other places that are accessible when using her walker.



She was then off to Nana and Papa’s for brunch. Madi and Nate helped each other open Easter gifts and then had a great breakfast. They hunted for some eggs full of treats and then we’re off to the parade!

 VIP parking at the parade and great seats! Madi was sleepy but enjoyed watching all the people and characters from Nana’s lap.

 After the parade she headed to Grandma and Grandpas for dinner. She hunted for some books and made Easter eggs with stickers. After dinner she headed home, had a quick visit with Pam for some Easter goodies and then it was time for bath and bed.

 It was a busy couple of days but she loved every minute! Happy Easter!

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