Day 405: Back at Grandview!

Madison had a great morning at school! Her volunteer reported that she did a lot of practice with her standing and loves the theme of the week – zoo animals!

After school Madison headed north to WindReach Farm for her riding lesson with her horse Joe. Madison’s teacher reported that she spoke a lot more today and was more relaxed. Stretching out on the peanut shaped physio ball really helped her legs loosen up before riding on Joe. The weather was better today so part of her lesson was outside on the back trail. Madison rode for almost 40 minutes today! After her lesson she fed Joe an apple and a carrot. Madison is thrilled to be able to ride every week and loves visitors cheering her on – her friend Bonnie watched her last week and Grandma and Grandpa Ambos watched today. Anyone is welcome to visit and watch – Madison will be riding Joe every Wednesday afternoon until about mid June.


After her riding lesson Madison headed to Grandview. She had been on a break from physio there with Kate for the past 2 months. Today was her first day back and she was excited to see Kate and jump right back into their work together. A tech from Motion Specialist popped in to adjust Madison’s first walker as she is no longer needing the hip supports or guide bar. The idea is that the red walker with big tires will serve her well outdoors this spring and summer on the grass and park etc. And she will continue to use her Kay walker when she is at her different programs and school. Kate assessed where Madison is at and set goals for this next block that will go until the beginning of June.


After a long day and lots of hard work, Madison headed home for some play time with Mommy and Jack. Now that Jack is getting bigger and stronger, Madison is loving their playtime together on the floor. Today she wanted to help Jack “practice on his tummy.”


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