Day 312: Big Sister Duties

Madison started her day with a much needed haircut. She sat in a big girl chair to get her bangs cut. She did a great job sitting up straight and still and kept her head facing forward. In the past this would have been too hard and she would have fallen over so we were happy to see how well she did.


Madison spent the rest of her day helping Mommy and Daddy get ready for her baby brother. She went shopping for some newborn supplies, helped pick out clothes for the hospital and pack her brothers hospital bag.She was excited to help Mommy get everything ready for the bag by standing in her brothers crib and then throwing all the items in the bag on the floor. After packing her brothers things she packed her own bag so that she will have what she needs when Mommy and Daddy are at the hospital. She helped clean his carseat and get it ready too. Madison did a great job helping Mommy and Daddy get organized! 


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