Day 313: Fixed A.F.O.’S!

This morning Daddy took Madison to get the final pieces for her AFO’S. It was discovered that due to her tone/growth that her heal was not fitting properly in the heal of the boots. A third strap was added to help keep things where they need to be as her feet try and sneak out during the day. A hole was also drilled into the heal so we can visually see the placement of her heal before putting her shoes on. The boots were also extended and we’re hoping they will last another few months. A new tongue was also added to better help distribute the pressure on the top of her foot. March is Madison’s 1 year anniversary of getting them so it would be good to try and make them last until then to have ADP cover a portion of the new ones.  We have another appointment booked for the end of January to check in on them and possibly cast for new ones depending on her growth.


Madison had a great time playing/working on some good skills with Emily tonight



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