Day 309: Merry Christmas Day!

Madison woke up this morning much more herself. This is really the first time that Madison had to battle a flu and we found it so interesting to see how much her tone in her legs change when she is sick. She is a lot tighter and her feet are more sensitive and sore.

Madison went downstairs and saw that Santa had been to the house! She saw all the presents under the tree and yelled “open one open one”! She opened her stocking with Daddy and Mommy and decided to eat the left overs of Santa’s cookies.


Once stockings were done she played in her learning tower with her stickers and helped Mommy with breakfast. Madison was excited that she was going to eat breakfast in the dinning room instead of in the kitchen. She loved her special Santa plate. Mommy and Daddy knew she was on the mend when she ate 3 whole pieces of bacon and a full bottle of juice. She loves her bacon!



After breakfast Madison crawled quickly over to the Christmas tree and started opening her presents from Santa. Her highlights were her Panda baby, Music Theatre Elmo, a new bathing suit, an airplane and a basketball net. She also did a great job helping Stitch and Carter open their presents too. After all the presents were opened Madison played with all her new toys and then it was time for a nap.



After her nap it was time to go to Grandma and Grandpa Ambos’ house for Christmas dinner. As soon as she got there she opened a present with Aunt Emily right away – Molly from Bubble Guppies for the bath! She was thrilled. She opened a few more presents and then had some dinner. She decided she only wanted to have bread and juice which was fine as everyone was happy that something was going into her stomach. After dinner she opened more presents and happily played with them all. Her present highlights were a baby boy, a phone from Aunt Emily, numbers and letters for the tub and a Bubble Guppies book and puzzle. She had made a special present for Mommy and Daddy with Grandma. A nice painting of her Christmas toes! She got tired quickly so she got changed into her new Christmas PJ’s and then headed home. It was a great Christmas celebration!



Merry Christmas!


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