Day 306 & 307: Sick at Christmas

Yesterday Madison’s day started off great with a visit with Pam and Medford. She played in the water, played with the ornaments on the tree and watched Santa on the iPad and waved hi.


Madison also sent Papa a special birthday video for his birthday yesterday

Madison had a visit with Eric in the afternoon to have her AFO’S looked at. He made some adjustments to help with the positioning of her feet after the botox.


After her visit with Eric Madison headed to Grandview to have a session with Kate. Unfortunately Madison fell asleep in the car and we couldn’t wake her up in the clinic so we had a quick chat with Kate and then headed home.

After dinner and bedtime Madison slowly started to go down hill. It appears she caught the flu that Mommy had on Sunday and Monday. Around 10:30 lastnight she woke up vomiting and didn’t stop until 5:30 this morning. She hasn’t been sick since early this morning but has been hanging low around the house in her jammies, drinking lots and taking it easy. We are hoping she will rebound for Santa tomorrow!


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