Day 310: Christmas Visit With Great Grandma Gregoire

Madison woke up today in good spirits and was back to her old self. She was happy to hear that she would be visiting with Great Grandma Gregoire.

Madison started her day with lots of stretching as Mommy and Daddy didn’t make it a priority over Christmas and it was starting to show in her feet.

Then, after a fun morning of playing with all of the toys Santa brought her Madison headed to Nana and Papa’s house to pick up Papa, and then went to Providence to visit with Great Grandma.

Madison brought her walker to use at Providence. It was the perfect place to practice with all the wide hallways and fully accessible doors and rooms. Madison did really well walking down each hallway trying to find Grandma’s picture to find her room. She walked all the way from the elevator to Grandma’s room. Madison had a great visit with Grandma, Aunt Suzanne and Papa. They opened presents, talked about Christmas and watched the World Juniors play on TV. When it was time to go, Madison and Grandma strolled back to the elevators together. Everyone was very impressed with how strong and independent Madison is getting in her walker. It was very exciting to see.








After her visit with Great Grandma, Madison headed to her friends house The Dellers for their annual boxing day party. She had a great time visiting and loved the very generous gifts from Debbie. She played with her new puzzle under the tree and played with Brad’s puppy Hannah who loved giving Madison kisses. Her appetite was back and she ate lots of cheese, bread, grapes and lots of juice. Madison said that Brad is her good friend and wants to play with him and Hannah again. Happy Boxing Day!

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