Day 308: Merry Christmas Eve!

Madison was still under the weather today…but she didn’t let it stop her from celebrating Christmas! She started her day with sleeping until 11:30am! When she got up she was sick a few more times, had a little to eat, played for a bit and then visited with Pam and Medford. She exchanged lovely gifts and had a play on the piano. She tried her best but still was not much herself. She loves her visits with Pam and Medford so hopefully she will have another visit soon when she is feeling better.

20151224_14002920151224_144029  After her visit, Madison was off to Nana and Papa’s! Madison celebrated her Christmas Eve with Nana, Papa, Uncle Mark, Aunt Nadia, Cousin Nate and Mommy and Daddy. When she arrived she was asleep from the car ride so she went to her and Nate’s room and slept for a bit. When she woke up she was not much better. She tried her best to open her stocking and play with her cousin but she did not feel well. Then Aunt Nadia gave Madison her special feel better potion (Tempra) and Madison made a quick rebound just in time for dinner. She sang Jingle Bells and other Christmas songs at the table, ate a good amount and then was ready for presents! She tried to be very patient during gift opening and wait her turn but she often was heard saying “open another one!” She was a very very lucky girl and received some very generous and beautiful gifts – all which she wanted to play with immediately. After gift opening she had some dessert and got into her Christmas pj’s, had some more of Aunt Nadia’s special potion and headed home. Once she got home she read some Christmas books with Mommy while Daddy unloaded the car, put out some cookies for Santa, said goodbye to her elf Molly and then was off to bed. Merry Christmas Eve!








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