Day 311: Date Night With Papa

Tonight was Mommy & Daddy’s annual Christmas date night with Aunt Nadia and Uncle Mark….so Madison had a date night with Papa!

She was so excited for him to arrive she waited by the door and watched for his car. She is finally strong enough to hold herself upright at the door to look outside.


Madison and Papa had a great time playing all kinds of games.

They played basketball. Madison practiced her slam dunks and driving hard to the net.


Madison practiced for a future job at The Beav and sold Papa a puzzle with her cash register. She scanned each item before Papa had to pay.


Madison went to Swiss Chalet to pick up dinner. She read the newspaper while she waited for Papa to tie his shoes.


 She loved the chicken and fries but was not a fan of the pecan pie – Mommy’s favorite!


After dinner Madison got some good practice in her walker and played with Mr. Potato head. She loves pretending to wear his glasses.


Madison had a great date night with Papa and loved showing him all of her new toys and games.

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